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Priya Kukreja
Priya is the Co-Editor-in-Chief and the In-Depth Page Editor of the 2016-2017 Hoofbeat.  After being on staff for three years, she’s excited to be on a team that will relaunch the Hoofbeat’s online presence and modern appeal.  Priya is active in National Competitive Debate, Varsity Tennis, the Mustang Mentoring Program, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Amnesty Club.  She is also the student representative for MN on the Millard Board of Education and the School Improvement Team.  Outside of school, she is also highly involved with Touch the Nations Non-profit as a social media and technology consultant.  She’s most proud of her ability to beat anyone in an arm-wrestling match.

Priya Kukreja, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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