Battling Bullying

MN works towards making school a safe environment

Priya Kukreja, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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ccording to the National Center For Gender Equality, transgender youth face significant challenges in school. A national survey has found that 75 percent of transgender youth feel unsafe at school. Those who are able to persevere had significantly lower GPAs and were more likely to miss school due to safety concerns.
“It is less the actual bullying, and more-so the fear of bullying. The constant thought that says what if it starts? And if it does, where does it end?” Counselor Loel Schettler said.
MN staff has taken steps to ensure that school is no place for hate. Schettler, who has worked with transgender students in the past, explains that even with professionals outside of school, it is helpful to have a safe place in school to release emotions. Due to this, MN has maintained strict policies against any form of discrimination or bullying.
According to the American School Counselor’s Association, it is vital to affirm student’s gender identity in order to ensure educational success. Schettler alludes to Wheel of Wellness Model, where gender identity is one component of ensuring success. If any component is lacking, it has potential to harm every aspect of student wellness.
“If supporting education means removing barriers to student’s success, then denying gender identity can definitely be a barrier,” Schettler said.
MN staff continues to work towards ensuring student wellness through support and positive affirmation.

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Battling Bullying