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Armed to the Teeth

Nate Hollenbeck, Staff Writer

February 12, 2020

22,000 Twenty-two thousand individuals--armed to the teeth with assault weapons and body armor-- marching toward their state’s capital with fire in their eyes to protest against what, in their minds, is an infringement on th...

13,397: Not Just a Number

Lahari Ramini, News Editor

February 12, 2020

Thirteen thousand three hundred and ninety-seven is a significantly large number.  With 13,397 miles, you can almost make it halfway around the world. With $13,397, you can buy over 100 years of Netflix (at $12 a month). ...

Life360 or ‘Life Sentence’ 360?

Lily Taylor, Sports Editor

February 11, 2020

When we were young, the movies portrayed our teenage years as rebellious, fun, and carefree. As times have changed, parents have become more cautious, going so far as to install tracking apps in their child’s phone, stalking...

Fighting Sexism in STEM: an Uphill Battle

February 11, 2020

Walking through the halls during the first few weeks of 2020, our school faculty reflects a problematic discrepancy. While women are 52.3% of MN’s teachers, they are only 30% of our science teachers, and even worse, the STEM (scien...

Victoria’s not-so-secret discrimination

Felicia Xiong, Staff Writer

December 6, 2019

“A Body for Every Body”. The phrase, which used to be “The Perfect Body”, is the slogan of popular womenswear company Victoria’s Secret. Ironically, the company has failed to represent “every body”. Victoria’s ...

Re-ACT-ing to the new ACT

Delano Lockhart, Staff Writer

December 6, 2019

Walking into the testing room, my palms sweating and slowly losing grip on my No. 2 pencils, I can feel all the practice I’ve done slipping away. All I can feel now is the stress, the pressure to get a 36.  The ACT leave...

Think globally, act locally

Shruti Chada, Staff Writer

November 22, 2019

Scrolling through Instagram feeds never fails to divert boredom, but now it’s buffeted by posts about climate change from child actor Aiden Gallagher from the Netflix show, The Umbrella Academy. In this day and age, celebrities have a degre...

Teaching the value of learning

Lucy Tu, Co-Editor-In-Chief

November 22, 2019

In my sophomore year, I joined TASSEL: Teaching and Sharing Skills to Enrich Lives,  an organization that focuses on utilizing English education to transform the lives of rural Cambodians. In the late 1900s, Cambodia suffered through...

Censorship aids smarter learning

November 22, 2019

Most of us are familiar with the restricted page in maroon on our laptops, and although it can be inconvenient at times, it is there to ensure everyone’s safety. MPS has been filtering Internet content prior to the One-to-One ...

Screaming, gunfire: finding my voice

Lucy Tu, Co-Editor-In-Chief

October 29, 2019

I remember all the screaming, my mother said. The screaming, the gunfire, and the sound of feet on pavement. Everyone was trying to get out of Tiananmen Square. My mother tells me the story as we play a game of mahjong, and h...

An ode to my mother

Molly Murch, Co-Editor-In-Chief

October 28, 2019

I recall my mother’s conservative upbringing and her subsequent homophobia, and I sigh. “She’s just a product of her time,” some will say. I cannot disagree, and yet, I am left unsatisfied with the response; it offers an...

No credit to columbus

Sireen Abayazid, Online Editor

October 24, 2019

Christopher Columbus sets foot on the hot sands of the West Indies. He turns to his crew, and they rejoice their arrival in what they believe to be India. Every second Monday of October since 1937, America has honored the man respo...

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