Vibing with Vitality

Cafe in Aksarben gives healthy eating a new name

Delano Lockhart, Staff Writer

Emma Chamberlain, Sierra Furtado, James Charles, and many other influencers are known for their trendy clothing, music, style, and food. And after seeing these three influencers and many others rave over the taste of a new food option known as Açaí Bowls, I knew I had to try them.

However, unlike the many trendy food chain options specifically found in LA, there are not nearly as many in Omaha. Luckily, there is a new restaurant that has recently opened: Vitality Bowls. 

I walk up to the glass doors of the modern, purple and orange themed building that sits happily in a storefront plaza in Aksarben. Upon walking in, I hear kind greetings and see multiple smiles as I walk towards the counter, where there is an array of pre-made juices and healthy snacking options sitting there. I look up at the overwhelmingly extensive menu displayed on the TV screen, with over 10 different options for Açaí Bowls, 13 types of Açaí Smoothies, and 7 Panini options. 

With all of those options, I am a little hesitant when deciding which bowl to try. The kind worker helps me out and tells me that the “Nutty Bowl”, which contains their Organic Açaí base blend topped with organic granola, bananas, almonds, and honey, is by far their most requested bowl, so I take her advice.

After ordering, the total comes to $11.76, which surprises me because that is honestly not too expensive for an Açaí bowl, considering the food chain Red Mango charges $11 for their similar Açaí bowl. 

After placing my order I head back to the comfortable, brown leather couches and listen to a selection of pop music playing in the background. The atmosphere as a whole is extremely relaxing with soft, mostly natural lighting and a family-friendly environment that makes Vitality Bowls an inviting place to be.  

An employee eventually brings out a geometrically shaped metal bowl filled with a plum-colored, creamy mixture that is beautifully topped off with almond chips, granola, banana slices, and a beautiful honey drizzle.

I anxiously pick up the metal spoon and take my first bite. This bowl has many different dominant flavors but they all somehow seem to work in perfect harmony to create a sweet, peanut butter taste that satisfies all of my cravings. 

 Although this bowl is known for its wonderful health benefits, the crunchy meal leaves me feeling slightly lethargic and uncomfortable. I was assuming that I would feel full but in a light, healthy way, not like I want to go home and sleep. However, I do not think that one con will keep me from eating another Açaí Bowl. The taste was very bold and worth the $12 spent.  

After finishing my Açaí Bowl, I decided to try an Açaí Smoothie. There were multiple options to choose from, so per usual I picked a basic, summer-themed drink that was perfectly titled “Tropical Paradise.” I order it and pay a total of $7.48 which is not too pricey, but it is not at a price that would make me want to purchase one every day. 

Nevertheless, I was anxious to try the smoothie. However, when I took my first sip of the large dark purple drink, I was extremely disappointed to taste a watered-down coconut and pineapple concoction. 

After three or four sips, the little flavor that this smoothie contained was completely gone. If I go back to Vitality Bowls, I will be getting a different flavor. Thanks to Emma, Sierra, James, and all of the other LA-based influencers who have heavily promoted Açaí bowls, I can finally say that I have hopped on this trend. And now that I see what all the hype is about, I will definitely be back in the future to get another Vitality Bowls Açaí bowl and smoothie.