Flashback Friday

Swinging and singing the way back to the 1920s

Haley Elder, Entertainment Editor

Old-time swing music echoed through the building. Shoes were tapping; people were laughing. Omaha’s Jitter bug was nothing short of an enticing, fun-filled adventure.
Located off of 24th and Farnam, a two-story historic building houses this event. Admission into this event is $10, and is definitely worth it. For just $10, one gets an endless night of dancing, refreshments, and memories.
Upon entering the historic building I became a bit wary. The entrance of the building was old, and resembled more a run down retirement home than a dance venue. I began to question if I was in the right place. To me, it did not seem like the kind of place that teenagers would enjoy spending their Friday night at.
However, my first impression of the building was wrong. When I entered the top floor I was greeted by livelihood and energy. The Omaha Jitterbug happens every Friday night. At precisely 8 o’clock, instructors begin teaching the crowd how to swing dance. They go step-by-step and help each crowd member master the moves along the way.
Somewhere around 9 o’clock, the dancing began. At least a hundred people flooded the dance floor. At first, I thought it was a place for the older generations, but then I realized it floor was filled with people of all ages. I noticed a young couple dancing with their toddler, tons of teenagers, and a few older couples—everyone enjoying what the Jitterbug had to offer.
A jazz band filed onto the stage. Vibrations from saxophones, keyboards, and other instruments filled the room. The band was accompanied by several different live singers. Each singer would go up and sing an old swing song. Overall, the music was my favorite part of the whole thing.
The whole event was like stepping back in time. The environment of Omaha’s Jitterbug was extremely welcoming, unlike today when everyone sticks with who they know.. Everyone laughed and danced with each other. If you are looking for a social event, the Jitterbug would be the place to go.
Overall, Omaha’s Jitterbug offered an experience that cannot be found elsewhere. After attending the Jitterbug, I gained knowledge on how to swing dance, meet new and unique individuals, and made unforgettable memories.