Power of Our Press

Elder & Wiser

Haley Elder, In-Depth Editor

Four years ago, I accidently signed up for an introduction to journalism class. Before beginning the course, I had little expectations. I had always enjoyed writing so I figured it would be an easy A. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Fast forward four years and I am writing my 31st and final article for the school newspaper, months away from entering college with journalism as my major.

Little did I know that the semester long introductory class would alter me and my high school experience and ultimately shape me into the person I am today.

Highschool is a time to discover your interests, a time to find your place before entering the real world. It is important to venture out, try new things, and discover what path you want to take.

I am lucky to have found newspaper so early on in my high school career for it saved me the work of going through other discoveries.

Through newspaper, I was able to meet and get to know people I otherwise would not have ever talked to. I would get assigned stories about people I had never even seen in the halls, and within weeks I would consider them my friends.

I was able to explore different activities of the school I would have otherwise ignored. I found my love for slam poetry after writing a story over the club. It opened my eyes to the plethora of activities offered at our school.

I formed unique relationships in room 1104 that are unmatched throughout the rest of the school.

Above all, I was able to find my passion for storytelling. Through my interviews and the time I put into learning about other people’s lives I learned a lot about my own.

After three years on the staff, I have grown immensely. When I joined, I was the only underclassmen, too shy to talk to anyone. Now, I can come in and have some of the closest conversations amongst my friends.

Although all the late nights spent at MN, eating pizza behind my computer screen seemed like a nuisance at the time, I am sad to see them come to an end. No more deadlines to stress over, no more headlines to dwell on. In a few days, highschool newspaper will be a thing of my past.

Even though I will no longer be involved in my high school newspaper, it will always be a big part of my life. With the help from newspaper, I have learned my love for alliterations, the ins and outs of Indesign, and the importance of high school.

Without newspaper, I would probably still be struggling to enjoy high school, still have troubles managing my time, and would have less of an appreciation for high school overall.

I believe it was not accidental, but that fate is how I first  found myself in room 1104 four years ago.