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Technology in sports

Christina Youn, Front Editor October 3, 2015

Not only is new technology being incorporated into the classroom setting this year, but it is also slowly being integrated into sports. The new varsity soccer coach, James Abueg, has not only brought a...

Transforming Teaching Tactics

Christina Youn, Front Editor October 3, 2015
"Google technology is definitely new to me. I am taking advantage o what it has to offer. Every time i use it, i am learning something new!" -Mila O'brien

National Honor Society brushes up Nebraska

Olivia Johannes, Feature Editor October 3, 2015
"It was a very rewarding moment when we could step back and see all of the work we had done for Mr. Thomas." -Senior Sarah Suh

Looking down the road

Camryn Mottl, Staff Writer October 3, 2015

Students have the experience of taking classes about specific occupations through Millard Public Schools by doing Academy, taking college classes in Education, Business, and Culinary. Now, there is...

A new way to look at class rank

Anna Bartholet, News Editor October 2, 2015
"We believe the new system will be very effective, and we are leading the other metro school districts in responding to the changing nature of admissions nationwide..."
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