Making Some Moolah

Surprised local wins $10,000 from school-wide fundraiser

Zach Cutler, Staff Writer

Bright lights reflected off of the gym floor during the halftime show of the boys varsity basketball game vs. Elkhorn South. Immediately after the dance team finished their halftime performance, Todd Petersen, head of the Mustang Booster club, walked onto the court to announce the winner of the Mustang Moolah raffle in hopes of making one family extremely happy. Mustang Moolah is a raffle where students from different clubs and sports had the opportunity to sell 10 raffle tickets to friends and family. 

The prizes included a $10,000 check, followed by a $1,500 check, and a $500 check. John Cochlin bought a Mustang Moolah ticket from sophomore Olivia Passo, thinking it was going towards a good cause. But he knew that winning would be a longshot. He was thoroughly surprised when he got a call from Petersen letting him know that he had won the prize. 

“I had the pleasure and opportunity to contact all three winners. John Cochlin thought I was punking him at first, [and] once he settled down, the pure excitement and joy he had was awesome,” Petersen said. 

The raffle was a success, as it generated $46,926, but at first the money wasn’t really coming in. 

“The money started coming in very slowly and we were concerned, [but] thanks to all the students, teachers and coaches who hustled and sold tickets, we are so excited to say that we will be giving $31,000 back to the clubs and groups that sold tickets,” Mustang Moolah treasurer and Mustang Booster club secretary Shelly Anazalone said. 

Show choir generated the most money out of any club or sport.

 “[We plan on] updating sound equipment, or possibly purchasing roll away mirrors, so we are able to rehearse in rooms with mirrors besides just the multipurpose room,” director of choral activities Megan Tantillo said. Tantillo is grateful for the fundraising opportunity. 

“I am thankful the Mustang Booster Club created this fundraising opportunity, because my students are always willing to go the extra mile to continue supporting the Millard North Show Choir program,” Tantillo said. 

However, there are some things that the Mustang Booster club wants to change for next year, including getting students involved in marketing the raffle. 

“We hope to come up with a plan to manage [how many tickets we print], as printing cost for tickets and supporting material is expensive. We will also look to up the ante in marketing Moolah. We would love to engage students in helping with our social media promotion,” Petersen said. 

Overall, the raffle was a major win. The Booster club hopes to have the same success, so that they can support Mustang activities for the years to come.