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Serving Up Singles

Lahari Ramini, Staff Writer

May 14, 2018

Tennis is an individual sport. You are put out on a court where only you can win the match. There aren’t ten other people on a team who can cover your mistakes. It’s you. Just you. Despite this, #1 singles freshman Mary Faulk...

Junior Megan Stackhouse poses for a photo with Westside junior, Eva Houston. Stackhouse traditionally competes in the 200 meter dash.

Roll Like the Wind

May 10, 2018

No pity for the kitties

No pity for the kitties

January 7, 2016

Swimming and diving towards the future

Camryn Mottl, Opinions Editor

January 6, 2016

The whistle blows and the swimmers dive into the pool, starting at a dolphin kick before reaching the surface and beginning their strokes. But this time, they aren’t performing for the competition; they’re swimming for their...

MN football facing lofty early expectations

Liam Hession, Staff Writer

October 5, 2015

They started at the top, #1 in the preseason ranking. The Mustangs football team found themselves looking at a hole early though, down 10-0 to Millard South in the first game of the season. However, after halftime they were able...

A new way of training

Christina Youn, Front Editor

October 5, 2015

"The new courts are awesome and a lot of fun to play on. They look a lot nicer and there aren't any cracks in the asphalt like there were in the old ones." -Grant Hubbard

Technology in sports

Christina Youn, Front Editor

October 3, 2015

Not only is new technology being incorporated into the classroom setting this year, but it is also slowly being integrated into sports. The new varsity soccer coach, James Abueg, has not only brought a new coaching style with...