A new way of training

MN facilities find mass improvements

October 5, 2015

From new flooring to the freshly painted ceiling, a wall was knocked out to expand the weight room. 95 percent of the equipment is new and the room was almost entirely remodeled. The weight room was due for an upgrade, as it hadn’t been redone since the opening of the school in 1981.

“I would say that it’s probably one of the better weight rooms in the Midwest,” Activities Director Chad Zimmerman said.

The weight room was almost entirely redone with new flooring, new lights, a new paint job, and nearly all of the equipment was replaced.

“I like it. The old room was great too; a lot was built by MN students. A great sense of pride was established in there,” Chavez said.

Not only are teachers and coaches excited about the new upgrade, but students have been excited for the new features as well.

“It’s great. I think it will really help our teams develop physically. We have had to manipulate our program to adapt to the changes,” senior basketball player Noah Geist said.

However, the weight room isn’t the only thing that looks different this year. The tennis courts were resurfaced over the summer and are new as well.

“The courts badly needed to be resurfaced. They were worn down and were very fast courts,” varsity tennis coach Josh Raymond said.

Not only were the tennis courts and weight room redone, but the softball field got a new scoreboard as well.

“The new scoreboard is extremely nice. It’s much bigger, much clear, and displays a lot more to the audience,” junior softball player Lindsey Wilbur said.

The tennis players have been very excited about playing on the new courts because they haven’t gotten resurfaced in over a decade.

“The new courts are awesome and a lot of fun to play on! They look a lot nicer and there aren’t any cracks in the asphalt like there were in the old ones,” junior tennis player Grant Hubbard said.

The softball players have been very happy with the new scoreboard as well.

“It was definitely time for a new scoreboard. The old one was difficult to even read towards the end of the season.” Wilbur said.

Because staff members and students alike have access to the new sports facilities during various times throughout the day, many people will benefit from the new and improved facilities.
“It will benefit all that take the time to commit themselves to their sport, team, and themselves. I am just excited for Mustang athletes,” Chavez said.

On the other hand, the colors of the court were changed and brightened as well. While they used to be red and green, the courts are now are blue and green, reflecting MN’s school colors.

“The colors of the court give more of a home court feel to them now because they reflect MN’s school colors. They aren’t just plain now. They are mustang colors!” Raymond said.

Regardless of the new improvements in athletic equipment, the determination and drive needed by athletes is what remains constant and most important.

“No matter what it looks like, 45 pounds is still 45 pounds. You have to desire to train and improve yourself. Past graduates have been through and love the upgrade. They are excited for the future Mustangs coming through,” Chavez said.

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