Serving Up Singles

MN #1 and #2 singles dominate the court with win after win

Lahari Ramini, Staff Writer

Tennis is an individual sport. You are put out on a court where only you can win the match. There aren’t ten other people on a team who can cover your mistakes. It’s you. Just you.

Despite this, #1 singles freshman Mary Faulk and #2 singles junior Josie Friedman have made tennis more than just an individual sport.

“I think that the best part about tennis is that it’s a very independent sport, but you can still play in a team environment,” Friedman said.

Faulk and Friedman have found a way to play by supporting each other, even though they are on their own during matches.

“I think it’s really good that we both play the singles position because it means that we can practice together. We really push each other,” Friedman said.

The two girls have a dynamic together, since they have had similar experiences.

“I really like to practice with Josie. Both of us have had a lot of experience so we’re both pretty comfortable playing each other,” Faulk said.

The two girls have had some of the same experiences in their tennis-playing journey.

“Both of us started playing tennis when we were five or six, and we have just been going since then,” Friedman said.

Moreover, Friedman played #1 singles as a freshman, just as Faulk is now. Being at this position as a freshman is an amazing achievement.

“It’s really fun being a freshman on varsity. Even though I’m just a freshman and new to high school and stuff, I’ve met a lot of new people so that’s great,” Faulk said.

Unlike other sports, being at the top position of a team in tennis isn’t immense pressure. It is more about making progress and becoming a better player or the best you can be.

“Mary has immense potential, though she can be hard on herself at times. Luckily, since she is only a freshman, there is no hassle for her to improve because she has a lot of time to. She can play at State with no pressure,” girls varsity tennis coach Josh Raymond said.

Faulk claims that the pressure isn’t from the team.

“I think that, more than anybody, my parents have really pushed me into tennis. They’ve always wanted me to be the best,” Faulk said. “Josh is a great coach. He pushes me hard but not too hard. He just brings a really enthusiastic vibe to the whole team. ”

This year, Friedman and Faulk have done tremendously well. Friedman hasn’t lost a single match, and recently won the Papio La Vista invite. Faulk has also won almost every single match she’s played.

On May 4, MN hosted its invite. Friedman and Faulk won, as well as the rest of the team.

For the two of them, there is much to be excited for and celebrated.

“A new year means a new team, new challenges, and new fun,” Raymond said. “It, ultimately, means another chance to grow and get better together.”