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MN volleyball coach awarded best in the state

Rylie Mendez, Staff Writer

Volleyball has been a big part of Lindsay Peterson’s life ever since she stepped onto the court at age 11.  However, it wasn’t until years later, as a junior in college, that she decided she wanted to coach. 

Now, in her 8th year at MN, Peterson has earned the title of Best Girls High School Coach in Nebraska. She is only the second MN coach to be honored by the state — Football Coach Fred Petito received the award for Best Boys High School Coach in 2011.

“I was a little taken aback by it. I had spaced that they were giving the award out towards the end of the summer, so I was very surprised to hear it.” Peterson said. 

Peterson attributes her success to the relationships she’s made with her players. 

“Being able to build relationships with the kids is important to me. Hopefully, I can make their day better and give them something to compete for and love,” Peterson said. 

While it’s true that she’s transformed the MN volleyball program, Peterson’s greatest influence is the one she’s had on her players. 

“Ever since I met her she has always been someone I can go to, whether that be to discuss volleyball, or to just discuss life,” senior and varsity player McKenna Ruch said.

With the volleyball team’s rigorous schedule, Peterson and her players have a lot of time to grow closer. The team spends two or more hours practicing nearly every day for four months. 

However, their practices aren’t all bonding and fun. Peterson focuses her practices on strengthening technical skills with lots of repetition. 

“She wants all of her players to leave it all on the court so she’s always looking for drills that will challenge her players skills and mental toughness.”  assistant coach Meghan Callaghan said.  

Peterson’s impact can be seen in the rising track record of the volleyball team. The team has been to the past three state finals and won two of them.

After such success, expectations for the volleyball team are high. This award has helped take some of the stress off of Peterson’s shoulders. 

There’s always pressure for the new season, but [this award] has been kind of freeing because now people know I’m good at what I do, so I get to just do what I need to with my kids,” Peterson said.