New Coach, Up to Bat

Softball takes on new head coach, coaching staff in hopes for a successful state run


It’s out with the old and in with the new this year for softball as a new coach is on the rise. After the last 15 years of the same coach, Travis Unzicker is moving his way up the girls softball program this year , and he’s ready to not only make it to state, but to win the whole thing. 

Unzicker has been coaching his daughters for about fifteen years, and he has a great passion for the sport. With his daughters away at college, he wasn’t ready to let go of coaching just yet.

“The timing was perfect with Millard North, with Coach Swoboda retiring, I decided I would apply for that job and ended up getting it,” Unzicker says. 

Senior Olivia Wharton-Hunt was very excited to meet Unzicker. He brought in an all new coaching staff, and even made sure they got all new equipment, uniforms, and techniques. As this is her last year, Wharton-Hunt is very excited to learn new playing tactics. 

“What he always says is he loves to have fun,” Wharton-Hunt said. “He’s a really good coach, and all of the girls really like him.”

As new strategies are being brought in, the girls have a total of thirteen wins with ten losses. With COVID-19, games and practices definitely look different for them, and despite the unique circumstances, nothing is going to stop him from making it their best season yet. 

“We had to split into smaller groups so a lot of the younger girls weren’t able to be with the older girls and vice versa,” Unzicker said. 

Although softball might not look the same as years past, Unzicker believes that nothing can stop the girls from being their best. 

Senior Rylie Jones who transferred to MN two years ago thinks Unzicker fits in very well with the team dynamic. 

“He brought in a lot of new things mentally,” Jones says. “We expect to be great, and we expect to win, and we know we can do better.” 

Unzicker has had many years of experience because he coached club softball and his daughters have been involved in softball their whole lives. Softball has always been a part of Unzicker’s life. 

“Transitioning from club softball to high school softball has definitely been an easy switch.” Unzicker said.

 Unzicker assistant coached at Millard South for nine years. He knew what to expect when accepting the head coaching position at MN. 

Unzicker only had about eight weeks to prepare the girls for the season, as they were given the okay to start practicing on June 1. While a short time to prepare, softball is ready for the challenge.

“We have only had about ten losses, and I’m not sure how many wins, but the season is going great.” Wharton-Hunt says. 

With thirteen wins under their belts, the girls feel ready to make a state run with their brand new coach guiding the way.