GBB participates in bonding activities to better team

Peytan Schulte, Sports Editor

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What makes a good team? Is it the talented players? Or is it the elaborate plays used to score? These things definitely help, but they are nothing compared to having a team with a good relationship on and off the court.

In the preseason, girls varsity basketball worked on building a bond as a team. The team has participated in many activities in the summer and fall including having a bonfire, doing a ropes course, yoga, wheelchair basketball, and most recently, costume basketball on Halloween. Senior post Kennedy McCreery enjoyed the team activities.

“High ropes was really fun because we couldn’t finish it until we worked together, and it was nice to see everyone leaning on their teammates,” McCreery said.

The team did more than just hang out and scrimmage in fun costumes, though. They also helped the community by volunteering at the Siena Francis house and the Open Door Mission.

At the Siena Francis house they picked up garbage in the garden and helped clean the facility. According to head coach David Diehl, during their trip to the Open Door Mission, the team formed an assembly line to fill almost 500 boxes with food for needy families.

“The kids were exhausted. We did it for two and a half hours and they worked so hard. We really felt good because when you were making those boxes you really felt like you were working hard and giving it your all,” Diehl said.

To help so many families in need gave the team a rewarding sense of gratitude. McCreery had an eye-opening experience with volunteering, especially at the Open Door Mission.

“Volunteering made me feel like when we accomplished that as a team, that we always will be able to provide each other with support that we’d need to get to our end goal,” McCreery said.

Junior power forward Jayna Green also felt this feeling while  giving back.

“[Volunteering] makes me feel like I am helping something bigger than myself,” Green said.


Not only will volunteering help others around the community, but it taught the team life skills that can be used on and off the court.

“I wanted to teach them about life, teamwork, and giving back. These are things that will hopefully stay with these girls for a long time,” Diehl said.

All of the team bonding has helped them become better friends and better teammates. Junior point guard Lexi Kraft noticed that these outings are helpful to the team dynamic.

“I think we will be able to click on the court more because of this,” Kraft said.

Through volunteering and other team bondings, the Mustangs have become closer and learned lessons in life, as well as in basketball.

“The most important trait that I think our players have is their character. The best teams MN has ever had were teams full of outstanding character, and we have that,” Diehl said.


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