We’re All Winners

Students should be given the opportunity to play sports at the intramural level

Remember that sport you used to play when you were younger? Like most kids, your parents probably forced you to try every sport offered at the YMCA until you found one you liked. Perhaps you played this sport for a while before becoming too busy, getting burnt out, or just never liking sports to begin with before quitting. These are all reasons why intramural sports should be offered at Millard North. 

Personally, I played volleyball in middle school, and although I had fun playing with my friends, I didn’t want to take the sport to a serious level by playing in high school. Playing volleyball is one of my favorite activities, but I knew playing for the school team wouldn’t be possible with my busy schedule and inability to actually make the team. If intramural sports were offered, I would be able to play my favorite game without any serious commitments. 

Some students are too busy to play sports for the school team. They just don’t have time in their schedule to go to games every weekend and show up to practices every day after school. If intramural sports were offered, students would be able to play a sport they liked without having to commit to a rigorous schedule. This means students in other activities and jobs outside of school would also have the opportunity to play sports. 

“I used to have a lot of fun playing [basketball], but the team just felt different and I didn’t find it fun anymore. I would still love to play, but I’m tired of practicing so much.” 

Many students like Knoelle have experienced burn-out. Burn-out is when you have played a sport at such a rigorous level for longer than you wanted; that you no longer enjoy the game anymore. Intramural sports would offer low stress to players because the game is only for fun. 

Since the game is only for fun, any student would have the opportunity to join. Students could try a sport they have never played before or students with no background in sports at all would have the opportunity to try something new. It is an opportunity for students to play a fun game with their friends and meet new people. 

 Taking part in a physical activity is also good for your health and can improve morale.The CDC recommends exercising to improve your brain health. In a study taken by The Advisory Committee; they proved that physical activity helped to reduce depression in six to seventeen year olds as well as adults. Exercise can help to mature and develop the brain during your youth. Physical Activity can also help to reduce anxiety and improve sleeping patterns. Less anxiety and more sleep are two things highschooler’s definitely need. If intramural sports were offered, students would be able to take part in a healthy activity that is not only beneficial to their bodies, but also to their minds. 

If intramural sports were to take place as a club with a sponsor, there could be fun games and practices every other week that students could choose to participate in. If enough students joined, teams could be created that meet on their own time to play in games. Some students may not be able to make it to every game or practice, but this wouldn’t be a problem since you don’t have to be fully committed to the sport. Any students would be welcomed to join a team whenever it fit their schedule. 

In all, intramural sports are a great opportunity for students to branch out and become more involved in a sport. Playing a fun game with your friends and peers is good for a little healthy competition. Every student should be offered the chance at a physical activity. Every game is for fun so every Mustang is a winner.