Free Thinking Philosopher?

Kanye West supports speaking your mind

Robert Carpenter, Staff Writer

Recently, on April 25, Kanye West  posted a picture to Twitter and received lots of backlash from people everywhere. This picture was of him wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat, showing support for the Trump administration.

As soon as his picture was posted, people attacked West for being a “disgrace”. West responded that he was not trying to be hateful, but rather trying to be a “free thinker” by showing that not all rappers have to be disapproving of Trump.

Recently, West has taken this approach in life and started to question things that are not classically questioned, acting as a modern day philosopher.

Continually, he makes the point that people must break the classic ways of thinking. Contrary to popular belief, West is not just doing this to anger people at TMZ and on Twitter. He is doing it so that people will see love in the world rather than hate.

“We got love,” West said.

This is Kanye West’s go-to quote on twitter and truly reveals his intentions of the posts and ideas that he has proposed. His actual, ultimategoal is for people everywhere of all backgrounds to free themselves from the slavery of their own minds and open themselves to new ideas that promote love.

“400 years of slavery sounds like a choice to me,” West said.

This is one of the most hated thoughts that West has brought to light. As soon as he said this, TMZ and the general population attacked the idea as ignorant and insensitive.

West made clear that his point was not that slaves were in a position to change their state at a moment’s notice. In reality, West’s argument was that we as thinkers will be slaves for another 400 years if we do not look at the world in a new, free way.

As Kanye West comes out with new revealing ideas, that may not be necessarily correct in the eyes of another individual, people are showing the same astounding results. People really are under the shackles of their minds and cannot possibly comprehend the concept of others questioning the things that are taken as indubitable truth.

Kanye West has highlighted the problem in society, and now it is up to this generation, and all generations following, to spread love instead of hate. We must open our minds to new ideas and stop attacking others for their unconventional ideas. You do not have to accept an idea, but every idea deserves pondering.