Violent Games

Liz Nelson, News Editor

In today’s modern society, violence is attributed to an array of issues, such as a rough upbringing, a feeling of entitlement and cycles of abuse. Another argument correlated with rogue personalities
Although some studies suggest that these types of video games may contribute to violent behavior, many also point out the fact that these games are not to blame for twisted behavior. Violent video games, such as the Grand Theft Auto series or the Call of Duty saga, do not play a role in violent behavior. That behavior is a choice, and should not be blamed on games.
Underage children get their hands on Mature, or M rated games, all the time. It isn’t uncommon to see a parent buy the next violent game for their child.
The electronics retail company giant Gamestop has a policy that states that they do not sell M rated games to underage children. When the rating comes up on a screen after the game is scanned, they are required to ask for a photo I.D., unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
It is a choice made by the parents to buy violent video games, but it is an entirely different choice by the person playing the games to be violent.
This shows that kids can still get their hands on games if a parent is with them. Kids who play these games have a stigma of being more aggressive themselves.
In a study done with the Wiley Online Library, a total of 71 children, ages ranging 8 to 12, were playing a variety of a paper and pencil game, non-violent game, and a violent game. Everyone played these games. It was shown that there was no significant increase in aggressive mood scores for either boys or girls playing the violent video games.
Although the American Psychological Organization says that violent video game play is linked to aggression, they also state that there is insufficient evidence as to whether that extends to criminal violence or delinquency.
In light of recent school shootings, critics such as President Donald Trump, have warned against kids playing violent video games and other media. There is no solid foundation for these accusations.
USA Today reported that there is a correlation between violent video games and shootings with the horrific Parkland, Florida incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that occurred on Valentine’s Day of this year.
That correlation does not necessarily mean that there is causation. Just because shooters tend to play violent video games does not necessarily mean that it is caused by the games themselves. So many people play them, but clearly not every person is a shooter. A game should not be to blame for a person’s action or behavior.
Although there has been evidence in some cases that link violent behavior to the bad video games, that does not make someone commit heinous crimes. It is not the video games fault or even the gaming company, but the fault of the person who decides themselves to have a violent behavior.