Making Mustang Moolah

Anna Pipinos, Staff Writer

Lahari Ramini

“As I was handing them [the tickets] in, I remember having multiple thoughts crossing my mind about how amazing it would be to win the mini prizes and how even more thrilling it would be to the person who wins the 10,000 dollar prize,” sophomore Ethan Rubin said. 

Making its first appearance at MN, the Booster Club’s Mustang Moolah is a fundraiser for all students and teachers to raise as much money possible for their clubs or sports they participate in. This fundraiser has helped achieve and create a sense of teamwork among students. 

“Selling the tickets spread a sense of friendship and teamwork amongst the cross country team which I know made the entire team feel more wholesome,” Rubin said. 

With over 1,500 students participating, Mustang Moolah has helped multiple clubs and sports raise money. 

“It’s in the 1,400 to 1,500 neighborhood of kids participating in all of these activities. We just did a little math equation, and with 1,500 kids selling 15,000 tickets raising 10 bucks a piece, that’s $150,000. And then we realized there was an opportunity out there to raise that kind of money,” Mustang Booster Club co-chair Todd Petersen said. 

Teachers around the school have encouraged their students in various ways to sell tickets. For example ,cross country coach Janda has helped persuade cross country runners to sell the tickets by saying that for every 10 tickets sold, they get a free shirt. The Booster Club has also created incentives like gift cards to various stores and restaurants to help raise the number of students who have sold tickets 

“They’re encouraging their kiddos to sell tickets in some different ways,” Petersen said. 

All the activities around MN will have the ability to spend half of the money raised for their group specifically on whatever they with no limitations of what can be bought. 

“The funds can be used for club/sport specific needs as determined by the sponsors and coaches.  This could include things such as a new athletic tent for athletic meets, new music equipment, etc,” coach Janda said. 

Being inspired by Millard West’s Cat Cash Fundraiser, and with the progress seen so far, teachers and coaches across the school hope to double or even triple the amount MW raised. 

“I’m a MN parent, and I don’t like losing to MW for anything. So, I really wanted to foster a little competition within the students. I don’t like to lose and I think it’s an opportunity to put a great foot forward and show them what we can do,” Petersen said. 

And with the thousands of students participating and selling numerous tickets, the goal of doubling MN’s profit may be in near sight.