Hot Takes on Homecoming

MN preps for Homecoming, Oct. 1


The sun sets and a feeling of excitement wafts through the warm twilight air as girls brush out their fresh curls, gather their friends, and touch up their makeup for the last time. Guys fluff up their hair, and well, that’s about it. 

Homecoming night has arrived and students at MN are ready to dance the night away. Each student has their own favorite part of the American homecoming tradition. 

“My favorite parts of homecoming are gathering with friends and getting ready together. It’s also always fun to go out to eat as a group before the dance,” senior Lila Mock said.

However, sophomore Olive Douglas thinks differently: 

“The best part of homecoming is seeing everyone dressing up for the occasion. It’s cool to see people who usually dress casual and athletic dress formally,” Douglas said.

While the homecoming dance is the central event, the homecoming spirit week and football game are also essential pieces of the whole.

“My favorite part of homecoming is the spirit week because it’s interesting to see what fun ideas the student council comes up with and it’s exciting to see which themes people follow,” senior Lily Ginsburg said.

On the other hand, it is the homecoming game that is other students’ highlight.

“I like the homecoming game because my friends and I always go together. The game always gets you hyped for homecoming the next day, especially if the football team wins the game,” sophomore Zoey Lewis said.

While the girls have different opinions, all agree that homecoming is one of the best nights of the year.

For junior Spanish exchange student, Aiuri Elizalde Ansorena, homecoming means something unique.

“Homecoming is something typical that American schools have here and not in Spain, so I can’t wait to meet new people at this dance and have a great time,” Elizalde said.

Elizalde explains that so far, she loves the school’s culture and can’t wait to experience this American high school custom.

“I also can’t wait to get my dress. I want to get a red, short, tight one. I have my eyes set on one like that,” Elizalde said.

For freshmen, homecoming is also entirely new. 

“I’m not sure what homecoming even is, but I know I want to go. A lot of my friends are going and they want me to come too,”  freshman Pranav Naveenkumar said.

Homecoming is a magical night for many, but it holds more significance to the senior class, as it is the last homecoming of their high school career. 

“Senior homecoming is something that I’m excited about because I get a chance to hang out with a lot of my friends that I won’t get to see as much next year. I want to enjoy my senior year before I don’t get to do high school things again,” Mock said.

Ginsburg has a similar take on her last homecoming at MN.

“My senior homecoming means a lot to me, but it’s the people I get to spend time with while I’m there that mean the most. It makes me sad knowing that once I graduate, I won’t experience something like high school homecoming again, and if I do, it still wouldn’t be the same without my friends. But that’s what makes it so special;  the fact that it is irreplaceable,” Ginsburg said.

These two seniors are sure to give it their all at the dance on October 1st, for the last time.

Overall, homecoming is guaranteed to be an exciting soirée this year. Everyone better lace up their boogie shoes, because the Mustangs of MN will show symptoms of a fever this Saturday, and not the sick kind.