Cleaning Up Our Act

MN Beautification Club working to improve city’s atmosphere


Every morning is roughly the same: you get ready and make the drive to school, listening to one of your favorite songs and trying to start your day off right. However, the second you pull into the parking lot, you’re greeted by the sight of papers and fast food wrappers littering the parking lot. Lovely.

 MN Beautification Club’s goal is to decrease the levels of trash around the school and create a cleaner, more pleasant environment for students and staff. Co-founders and seniors Abigail Chavez and Bella Gurzick were inspired to start the club last school year after noticing the amount of litter around campus and talking with Spanish teacher Amy Roberts (who now sponsors the club) about it.

“Walking around the school, even in the parking lots and just outside during gym we noticed a lot of trash outside,” Chavez said. “It would just be good to pick it up.”

Since its founding, Beautification Club’s reach has expanded to outside MN. Students have visited sites such as Piedmont Park and have helped change the Omaha area for the better.

“[The goal is]  making sure that we contribute to the community,” Chavez said. “We just try to make a positive impact on our environment.”