French Fry Frenzy

Search across Omaha to find/review best fries in town

The McDonald’s drive-thru had no line and was quick to get through. The voice at the window was a robot. At first, it got my order wrong, but then a human voice came over the speaker to direct me to the first window. This didn’t bother me much since the workers moved very quickly to get the fries paid for and handed out to me before I even could put my debit card back in my wallet.

The fries came in a large red box with the familiar ‘M’ printed on the front. The box was put into a brown, greasy bag and a lot of the fries fell to the bottom of the bag, so the presentation wasn’t very clean. Although the fries overfilled the box, McDonald’s gave the most fries in a medium box than any other fast food restaurant I visited.

Each fry was a different shape, but the inconsistency didn’t bother me. The fries weren’t soft, but not too crunchy either. They were salted perfectly, and although the fries were thinner than I would like, they were still addicting and hard to put down.

Runza had the slowest drive-thru line that I had to wait in. I don’t mind waiting in line, but there was no one in front of me, so I was confused as to why I had to wait at the speaker box with no response. The employee taking my order wasn’t very enthusiastic and had a bad attitude when I came up to the window. But I received my order fairly quickly once I was able to pay at the window.

The presentation was very put-together. The fries came in a green box that matched the accent green color of the bag they were put in. Sadly, the fries came in the smallest box out of all the restaurants. Although there weren’t as many fries in the box, the fries were fairly thick and had the longest length.

Each fry took a long time to cool off and burned the roof of my mouth, but I was too impatient to let them cool down because they were too tasty. The fries were crunchy, but not too tough. They were perfectly salted and had the most flavor out of any fry I had tried that day. Overall, these were the best fries and I wish there had been more of them.

Raising Cane’s had the longest line to sit through, but this was only because they had the most business out of any fast food restaurant I visited. The employees worked very quickly considering how many people were in the drive-thru and in the lobby. The man at the speaker asked, “Hey, hey, hey, want some chicken today?” Although this made me laugh, I had to tell the employee that I would only be ordering a medium fry.

The fries came in a white take-out box. The box was almost filled completely, but there was still some empty space. I was pleased to see the fries came with a side of Cane’s Sauce. The presentation wasn’t very pretty and the box was boring, but the crinkle-cut fries looked too delicious to be upset about the box they were put in.

The fries steamed and I had to blow on them to cool them down. These fries were more consistent in shape and they were much thicker than any other fry I tried. Sadly, they were a little mushy and not crunchy at all. They weren’t very salty and were bland on their own.

Overall, they needed the sauce to make them more enjoyable.