Mind over matter

Volleyball team employs new app that benefits player’s mental health

Asim Adhikary, Staff Writer

Nowadays, there is an app for everything. If you ever wanted to learn a new language, go online shopping, or maybe even calculate the chances of that much-needed snow day, you guessed it, there’s an app for it. These apps tend to make our lives easier and stress-free. For the Millard North volleyball team, that app is Neurofuel. 

Here at Millard North, the volleyball team has begun implementing a new app, Neurofuel, into their daily lives. 

 “Neurofuel is a visualization and mental training app specifically made for a volleyball athlete.” Head coach Lindsay Peterson said. “We beta tested it last year for the University of Creighton. It was so good I felt like we needed it for all of the players on our teams.”

Peterson informed her team about the app to better her player’s mental health. With hopes to take a little stress off their shoulders and get the most out of their day, the Millard North athletes began to ignite their mornings with Neurofuel.  

“I use the app every morning and night, as well as before matches. In the mornings, it is an audio that helps you wake up with a positive mindset and get ready to start the day.” senior Kate Galvin said. “The nighttime “fuel” is audio to help you better fall asleep and reflect on your day. For the position-specific audios, they help you visualize playing and performing at your best.” 

After using NeuroFuel for several weeks, players have begun to notice the app affecting the way they think and act not just on the court but off the court as well. 

“This app has made me feel calmer on the court and realize the weight of the game doesn’t all rest on my shoulders. Volleyball is a team sport, and the app emphasizes that.” junior Hannah Nielsen said. “Off the court, I think I’m less stressed. When I come home, all I would think about is how I did that day, but since using NeuroFuel, I try to separate home and volleyball more often.” 

NeuroFuel’s primary purpose is to help reach a player’s maximum potential. Studies show that volleyball is 60-90% mental, yet this issue doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. Mental health apps, such as NeuroFuel, are helping shine a light on this crucial topic. 

“On and off the court, over 80% of athletes have felt more calm and composed. And more than 45% of people who used NueroFuel have reported being more confident in their daily lives.” NeuroFuel Outreach representative Kim Maroon said. “So much of the benefits we are trying to provide care for involves mindfulness and meditation. Studies show changes in the brain occur when a person practices meditation/mindfulness for at least 30 minutes a week.” 

With the help of NeuroFuel, the 2020 state champions are more than qualified to conquer anything that comes their way.  Already starting the season with a head start, our Millard North Mustangs are looking forward to another chance to bring that state championship back home!