A New Season

Zimmerman to become District Activities Director next year

Teagan Lynch, Staff Writer

Gameday for athletes means excitement and competition. Seasons get long and busy, and it often proves to be hard for one to keep track of the schedule.

Assistant Principal Activities Director Chad Zimmerman is the one in charge of making all of the schedules and organizing events for all the sports, among many other responsibilities. He is a huge part of what keeps MN’s athletic department running.

After working at MN for eleven years, Zimmerman is moving on and becoming the Executive Director of Activities, Athletics, and External Affairs for Millard Public Schools.

“[The job is] giving me an opportunity to serve our district in a new way, more of a broader scope… to serve all of MPS rather than just the MN community,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman has made an impact on lots of lives during his time at MN, from student-athletes to co-workers to even his own kids.

“If I ever need somebody to go talk to… or if I need advice for a class I can go talk to him about it,” Zimmerman’s son Ty Zimmerman said.

His large amount of knowledge and experience within the position has made him a leader and go-to person for his co-workers and friends. 

“I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from Chad and feel confident that he will lead our district to bigger and better things,” Administrative Assistant for the Activities Department Kathy Folk said.

This opportunity is an exciting next step for Zimmerman and his family, but the departure is also bittersweet.

“I just have  tremendous respect for the people here at Millard North. I love our northside community,” Zimmerman said. “I’m excited but it’s a little bit emotional too, because I will miss being here on a daily basis for sure.”

Things will be different in years to come, but Zimmerman’s legacy will carry on.

“I’m glad that he’s staying in the district… I’m very excited for MPS because I think the future is bright with him as the AD for the district,” Folk said.