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Radiometric Dating: Flawed?

Tyler Collins, Opinions Editor

January 11, 2017

In issue three of the Hoofbeat, I wrote concerning the archaeological and scientific evidence that dinosaurs lived recently with man. While my article touched on several lines of evidence, I received several follow-up questions about dating methods. Radiometric dating is often held as proof, in scienc...

270 v. 64 Million

Madeline Halgren, Staff Writer

January 11, 2017

After the recent election, there have been many questions as to whether or not the electoral college is a valid system for selecting the next President. It is interesting to note that the electoral college system has largely been successful throughout American history. According to the U.S. National...

More Moana Please

Priya Kukreja, Co-Editor-In-Chief

January 11, 2017

Hair. Water. Princesses. Since the creation of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937, Disney has come a long way in many areas. “Moana” showcases specifically these three in magnificent ways. Featuring the daughter of the chief in the Polynesian Pacific, the animated film shifts scenes bet...

Re-Finding Meaning

Christina Youn, Co-Editor-In-Chief

January 11, 2017

With Thanksgiving already having passed and the ubiquitous presence of Christmas carols, it is evident that the holiday season is quickly approaching. The need to buy all of those gifts for various Secret Santas is becoming a bigger necessity with each passing day and addressing all of those Christm...

The Mess We’ve Made

Camryn Mottl, Feature Editor

November 21, 2016

Trash thrown everywhere—from crumbs of leftover Cheetos to uneaten apples, along with chairs and trays that are left unattended and strewn about. This is what custodians and teachers on duty have to deal with in the cafeteria everyday after lunch. Students at MN need to be more accountable for cleaning...

Slow Down The Grow Up

Leily Zhu, News Editor

November 21, 2016

Peter Pan might have been onto something when he decided to stay in Neverland and be the “Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.” He has no worries about being an adult, making grown-up decisions, and on top of all that, he can fly. The world that we live in is nearly the polar opposite of Neverland, a world...

Ladies, Get In-Formation

Odochi Akwani, Co-Online Editor

November 21, 2016

In the United States, along with a majority of other first world countries, education is viewed as a must for all genders because it’s part of the values we hold as a society. However, in many third world countries, the demand that children be educated is not there, specifically for women and girls. Here,...

Uniting The Country After A Divided Election

November 21, 2016

Into the early hours of Nov. 9 votes were cast and the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, was elected as the 45th president of the United States. While the election may be over, its impact can still be felt, as it has left the country more polarized than ever before. In this time of division, it is...

Dinos or Dragons

Tyler Collins, Opinions Editor

November 21, 2016

I have been fascinated by discovery my whole life, and as I visited the Henry Doorly Zoo this past week I was quickly drawn to the dinosaur dig site. I read the information plaques and considered the claim of the dinosaur’s immense age of over 65 million years, supposedly existing long before man....

Depression Misconceptions

Haley Elder, Entertainment Editor

November 21, 2016

Why can’t you just get over it? This is the question often directed at those battling depression; a question I often found I was asking myself. Many wonder about, misjudge, and mistreat those struggling with mental illnesses without fully understanding what exactly those individuals are up against....

November Madness

Noah Sacco, Staff Writer

November 21, 2016

College football provides a gateway to entertainment for sports fans everywhere. Tailgating, face painting, man caves, and other traditions are brought out during the fall in order to savor this Saturday fixation. However, the thrill of your college football team winning the game can quickly turn to...

Equality in the Media

Wrayna Howell, Staff Writer

October 25, 2016

You turn on the news to the buzz of yet another black man killed at the hands of a police officer. The reporter is in a town where the once peaceful protest has erupted into pure chaos. Large groups of protesters are running through the streets breaking windows, throwing anything they can get their hands...