Safer schools, safer future

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On Tues. Oct. 9, a student at Burke High School stabbed his girlfriend in the back multiple times. Then, he attempted suicide. The students had already felt on edge during the week, as rumors of a bomb threat flew around the school the day before.

This disaster stands as a reminder that school tragedies really can occur in our own community.

A child spends about 1500 hours at school each year. These hours should be spent learning, communicating, and growing. Not a single moment should be spent feeling terrified.

School security is crucial. It is a rising issue, especially with many parents and students feeling less and less safe at school. It also brings into light an important point: school security is essential to keep kids safe.

Much has been done at MN to prevent devastating situations. We have recently adopted a new Standard Response Protocol, increased the number of security guards, and opted for better security cameras in all areas. All of these precautions had to be taken in order for everyone to truly believe that they are safe when they enter the school.

“I have been a security guard at MN since the beginning of the year, and the protocols here are really keeping the children safe,” security guard Justin Vandervort said.

The National Center for Educational Statistics claims that the addition of security cameras and the adoption of locking schools has decreased violence in schools by at least 32% since 2016.

However, adding more and more security may not always be a positive thing. Often, it is very difficult for schools to keep updating their security because it can greatly affect the students.

One challenge we face is balancing security with the desire to create a school that seems friendly and inviting,” Assistant Principal Casey Lundgren said.

There needs to be a balance with being safe, but also feeling that students have freedom to some extent. This is school, after all, not a jail.

The job of creating a safe environment for students is not all dependent on the staff and administration. There is a part that the student plays in all of this.

“Students at MN have a strong desire to keep our school a safe and orderly environment,” Lundgren said.

School security is critical to our society. Without it, students would not feel protected in a place where they should.

“I believe that if students report concerns and stay safe in school, there can be a difference in our school,” Vandervort said. “Together, we can make MN a safer, happier place. ”

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