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A full family food pantry

Gracie Schweers, Social Media Editor October 24, 2019

It’s three o’clock on a typical Friday. Most students are ready to head home, excited for a weekend of no school. But for some, Fridays involve wondering where their meals are going to come from for...

Senior Angelica Santiago logs on to the platform Canvas so that she can do her homework for her U.S Government class. Canvas is a popular platform used in blended learning classes.

Blended learning basics

Delano Lockhart, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

Teachers standing in front of a small, white, brick room filled with 25 pairs of eyes staring at them for 45 minutes is how most MN students are used to being taught. However,  a different approach has...

The Craft Fair will feature a variety of items, including flowers, jewelry, and much more.

Fun, food, fabulous crafts

Morgan McCormack, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

Walking through the rows of booths you see a variety of different people showing off a variety of things, from jewelry to cupcakes, no booth is the same. The First Annual Millard North Craft Fair will...

One last hit

One last hit

Anjali Pullhabhotla, Opinions Editor October 23, 2019

“I questioned what made others get sick or addicted and not me. For a few of the people I know, it did turn into a dependency that was hard for me to watch or be a part of.” — Vaping, popularized...

Sitting in on good standing

Molly Murch, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 23, 2019

Just as students are beginning to drown in homework, wishing they could return to a blissful summer vacation, Homecoming arrives, offering a much-needed break. However, for some students, this night may...

Hard hat, hard questions

Hard hat, hard questions

Lucy Tu, Co-Editor-In-Chief September 19, 2019

In the seconds before kickoff, MN’s student section is its very own ocean in the middle of Nebraska. The resemblance is partially because of the theme “blue-out” and partially because students...

From show choir to show tunes

From show choir to show tunes

Lily Taylor, Sports Editor September 19, 2019

The lights beat down on the stage, and all eyes in the auditorium are set on one person. Exhaling, the future leads take the stage. Anxieties wash away, and the spotlight shines brightly. The trek Into...

HAVING FAITH IN EACH OTHER: Members from Tri-Faith’s mosque, synagogue, and church join together to strengthen interfaith relationships and cooperation. The construction of the houses of worship finished in April,
2019, and the founders aim to finish the Tri-Faith Center, the final piece of the initiative, in 2020.

Breaking faith based barriers

Molly Murch, In-Depth Editor June 6, 2019

Centuries of religious war have established the institution as a topic forbidden from family reunions and first dates. However, a recent development in Omaha is working to bridge the gap that sparks such...

Student Jace January shares his artwork with his
classmates in Art Foundations. “While Jace has
been in art class he has really showed everyone
that he is very skilled, and he puts his heart into it.
He inspires everyone in the class that even though
he has a disability he is still talented and can do
anything,”sophomore Cynthia Gabrie said.

Leaving a legacy of love

Anjali Pullabhotla, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

“I don’t let my disability stop me from anything I want to do in life.” Located just outside Room. 1105, stands a poster reading these exact words, vibrant in both its design and message, created...

WARNING BEWARE OF THE GOOSE: Millard North’s resident goose sits on
guard in front of the school. The goose
has been nested for several weeks and
will remain until her eggs are hatched.

Just goosing around

Rachel Holt, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

It’s a normal morning as you drive through the school parking lot about to start the day, but wait, there seems to be a hold up.  Is it a car crash? Is part of the road blocked? Nope, it’s just ongoing...

A COMMEMORATIVE QUILT: Students present a quilt of play and
musical T-shirts from the last 10 years.
The quilt was commissioned by
English teacher drama assistant Kari

10 years: not a curtain call

Megan Townsend, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

“Theatre is a collaborative art form that is constantly changing,” said theatre teacher Michelle Williamson. In 10 years, Williamson has seen a lot of change. She’s assisted countless students...

STOP THE BLEED: Millard North adopts the

Equipped, prepared, life saving

Nathan Reed, Staff Writer April 5, 2019

During 2018, 94 school incidents such as school shootings, were reported across Ameri- ca. In response to this, bleeding kits have been installed across numerous schools in the U.S. the last month,...

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