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Team Trump

Priya Kukreja, Co-Editor-In-Chief October 24, 2016

The chattering crowd gathers in front of a tall podium. The shorter attendees near the back stand on their tiptoes trying to catch a glance of the stage. A man is shaking his fists at the news cameras,...

Holla’ for Hillary

Priya Kukreja, Co-Editor-In-Chief October 24, 2016

The 2016 elections have created more antagonism amongst disagreeing voters than ever before. While some are lost in inaccurate news, unconfirmed accusations, and uncertainty, others stand firm in their...

Remodeling Reactions

Remodeling Reactions

Tyler Collins, Opinions Editor September 20, 2016

Although MN has had many reasons for pride, from our athletic state champions to our overall ACT scores, a new era of awe has been issued in as the school received a facelift this summer. MN was granted...

Let the graduation festivities begin

Kori Christensen, Staff Writer May 18, 2016

Food, friends, funny pictures, and aspiring teens. What more can you ask for from a graduation party? As their final days at MN approach, in addition to school finals and college plans, the seniors are...

Millard Adjusts to 21st Century Education

Joey Covolo, Editor-in-Chief April 13, 2016

Prior to the overhead era of schooling, classes were taught with the old-fashioned chalk and board. Teachers scraped the utensil with the familiar clank sound to etch their equations to the class. While...

Discovering the difference between the brains of both types

Haley Elder, Staff Writer March 8, 2016

Through a combination of genetics and everyday experiences, one’s personality is formed. A large part of a person’s personality is how they respond to social situations, or if they get their energy...

The Introvert: Bringing out what’s inside

Tyler Collins, In-Depth Editor March 8, 2016

I. Interview with senior Shelby Goodrich What characteristics of your personality make you an introvert? I am shy, and I strongly dislike having attention drawn to me, or being in front of large...

The Extrovert: Explaining their exterior

Tyler Collins, In-Depth Editor March 8, 2016

E. Interview with junior Nate Shaffer What characteristics of your personality make you an extrovert? I am very easy to talk to and someone that people could hopefully look up to as a leader, I also...

Divided Over a Day For Love

Christina Youn, Front Page Editor February 9, 2016

February 14, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Various reds and pinks can be seen while heart-shaped chocolates are ubiquitous when walking around a grocery store. Valentine’s Day is a day...

The force has awoken MN Star Wars fans

Liam Hession, Staff Writer January 7, 2016

Everyone has something they love. Many love sports or cars; others may love stories, and follow a series like Twilight or Harry Potter, or the Star Wars franchise. For those that love Star Wars, their...

Featured Teachers

Haley Elder, Staff Writer November 19, 2015
I think that Mr. Geerts’ tweets are nice, like a hand full of rubies. Quantity. They’re impressively common and still really good. Mr. Harding’s [tweets] are like a big diamond. Quality. Their rarity makes them better. -Casey Stokes

Post from the past

Priya Kukreja, In-Depth Editor November 19, 2015

Ian Swanson, Millard North Alumni (class of 2010) and current 2016 candidate for Nebraska Legislature has first–hand experience with the perpetuity of the internet. As Swanson builds and expands his...

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