The Perfect Fit

DECA takes and resells donated prom dresses

Teagan Lynch, Staff Writer

Putting on your makeup, choosing the right pair of heels, and getting ready to go dance the night away with your best friends. All that’s missing is the perfect prom dress.

However, dress shopping is expensive. Retail prom dresses typically sell for anywhere between $100-$800. 

In order to help with the affordability and accessibility of dresses, the DECA club at MN is hosting their annual prom dress drive. Dress donations will be collected through January and February. On February 25th and 26th, there will be a resale event in the Mustang Center.

“Having an opportunity to buy a dress even if it’s second-hand, 30-50 [dollars], that’s a lot more reasonable for a lot of students.” senior and project director Lexi Gredy said.

As word gets out, students and people around the community are getting excited to donate or buy dresses.

“I think it’s a really cool opportunity in case someone doesn’t have the money or the resources to get a brand new dress… I think that’s a really cool idea,” senior Sloane Dulany said.

Students that are part of the club are having fun with the event as well.

“I really enjoy it. I really like the people I’m working with, and it’s fun to promote the event.” junior and DECA member Sophia Lancaster said.

Those involved are working on spreading the word about the event through social media and posters. There was also a competition between MN and MS DECA at the basketball games on January 21st to see which school could get the most dress donations; MN ultimately won.

“Our committee is doing a really good job and people seem to be excited about it,” Gredy said. “We just need more people to send it out to the older people in their lives that might have dresses to donate.”

Anybody, including grandparents, parents, and cousins, can donate to this drive, even if they do not attend MN

“I think the hardest part is really getting the word out because social media can only go so far,” Lancaster said. “Mostly getting the dresses so that we have them for resale [is difficult].”

The goal of this drive is to help students and make prom as special a night as possible. 

“I definitely think it will help people… and encourage people to go to prom and buy dresses.” Dulany said.

With affordable, trendy options for all, everyone can have the opportunity to dance the night away.