Tiger Triumphs

Isa Luzarraga, Entertainment Editor

Upon his first major title win in five years, it was safe to say that the world of golf was shocked by Tiger Woods’ first-place finish at the Tour Championship. His win on Sept. 23rd marked his 80th career victory adding some more hardware to Woods’ already impressive collection.

Tiger Woods is currently ranked as one of the most winningest athletes of all time. Surrounded by legends like Michael Phelps and Bill Russell, Woods has always been recognized as one of the greats.

However many, myself included, doubted if he still had the consistency and talent of a prominent pro-golfer at the age of 42. There are certainly many people who are anything but well-wishers and fans of Woods.

Many still remember his very public affair that was broadcasted across everyone’s television screens. Suddenly it wasn’t a question of his golfing ability, but Woods’ questionable character instead.

Additionally, Woods has undergone numerous back surgeries to relieve the pressure felt when he is swinging. Injuries like these are just obstacles that have prevented Woods from returning to his elite level of playing ability.

Woods’ previous actions and his subsequent winning drought lost him a lot of fans, polarizing people’s opinions. But today, it would be hard for anyone to deny that Woods is back on the path to more majors and championships.

Personally, I would not be opposed to a Tiger comeback. Having grown up watching him play almost every Sunday, I had gotten used to seeing him bring home trophy after trophy. Now Woods has undergone a reverse Cinderella story, but I think this will only make him a better player.

Sometimes an underdog is the most appealing person to root for, and I think Woods’ situation definitely applies to this. Especially since most thought, he wouldn’t return to the game of golf at all.

After admitting his uncertainty regarding retirement a year ago, many thought Woods would never even return to the course, much less win another title. However, he has gained momentum in previous tournaments this year, consistently making cuts and even getting runner-up at the Valspar Championship.

All of these top finishes were nothing compared to his win at the East Lake golf course the penultimate Sunday in Sept. With his Tour Championship win, many are imagining big things for Woods later this season.

No one would’ve ever believed that Woods would win a major this late in his career. Avid golf fans are anxious to see him play at the Masters and other majors coming up.

After all the adversity Woods has had to overcome, maybe he has learned from his mistakes and is using them to make him a better golfer. And who knows? Maybe Woods’ comeback will be great enough to earn him his fifth green jacket at Augusta this spring.