Taking Over

With Jimmy Quaintance now gone, brother Charlie Quaintance takes on quarterback role


Anna Pipinos, Editor-in-Chief

“My goal is to be better than what my brother was. There’s just a little bit of a sibling rivalry between us,” junior Charlie Quaintance said.

From a young age, Quaintance was a part of two sports: baseball and basketball. 

However, after watching his brother play football, there was a spark in Quaintance. With this newfound passion, Quaintance decided to take on football himself. 

“I have played basketball, football, and baseball since I was little. I started playing football because of my brother, and it took off from there,” Qauintance said. 

Growing up, both Quaintance and brother Jimmy Quaintance were pushed and motivated by their mother to work as hard as they possibly could. 

“My mom is our greatest supporter. She has been at all of the games and helps out with football stuff. She has basically been the team mom,” Quaintance said.

With years of experience on his shoulders, Quaintance as a sophomore not only held the position of safety and slot but also back-up quarterback, proudly helping his brother lead the team.  

However, with Jimmy Quaintance gone, the position of quarterback had opened up for grabs. With his eye on the prize, Quaintance stepped up and claimed his new position. 

“It is definitely weird without my brother, Jimmy. I do feel like I have pushed myself a lot to get this position, though,” Quaintance said. 

With great fervor and motivation to achieve more than his brother, Quaintance challenges himself to new goals.

“His brother has definitely inspired him. Jimmy had a great season last year, and I believe that Charlie wants to live up to that and even do better than him,” senior Ben Weindel said. “He is a competitive dude, and knows exactly what he needs to do to reach that level.” 

Pushing himself to break the school record of most passes, Quaintance has accumulated 360 yards in the last three games. 

“He’s accomplished a lot this season. Actually, [Charlie is] about to beat a record for the amount of yards passed,” Boganowski said.

With a drive so fierce, Quaintance plans on devoting himself to working hard and leading the team to wins.  

“I get out there and try to play as hard as I possibly can. I go out there and just do what I know I can, knowing that my team can also do the same,” Quaintance said. “