Sprinting to the finish line

Senior Will Ramsey made a signifigant impact in cross country

Anuj Singh, Staff Writer

Someone sprints past you and you watch as his blurred figure rushes past the crowd you are standing in. His blonde hair flies in the wind as he flies through the racecourse. Senior Will Ramsey has been on the varsity cross country team at Millard North since his freshman year.

“I enjoy running because it simply makes me feel good. I don’t think it’s much more complicated than that,” Ramsey said.

Since joining the team, he has greatly contributed to its success and has created a lasting legacy as one of the most decorated and dedicated runners for the Millard North team.

“My proudest moment from my cross country career was qualifying for state individually last year. I worked hard all season to get there,” Ramsey said.

His coach, Emily Janda, attests to his dedication to the team. 

“I will most remember [Will] for being trustworthy.  Most athletes have ‘bad races’ from time to time or days where they just need to step away and get a break.  Will doesn’t do that.  He is always there– – every day, every workout, every race giving 100% effort,” Janda said. 

She also describes him as a leader for the team, leading through example, setting the precedent of being trustworthy, consistent, and committed to the team.

“I really don’t feel pressure being a team leader,” Ramsey said. “ I just make sure everyone is accounted for and we stay on the right path. I’m fortunate to run with a group that doesn’t need a lot of leadership, we all work really together.”

As a leader, Ramsey has led the cross country team through many tough times, such as last year’s season, which was at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, through his guidance, the team has only grown closer.

 “My favorite part about being on the cross country team is growing with my teammates. As a team, we get better together, we go through hardships together, we have fun together, and we work together,” Ramsey said.

In addition to cross country, Ramsey is also part of another sporting community: the cycling community. 

“I enjoy different parts of both sports for different reasons,” said Ramsey. “I enjoy being a part of the running community more than the cycling community while I enjoy the actual physical activity of biking over running simply because it’s less hard on my body.”

Now, as a senior, Ramsey looks ahead to the future. He hopes to study journalism at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. However, his future in running remains unclear.

“I haven’t decided whether I will continue running after high school,” he said. “At the very least I will run for fun and occasionally do longer races, but could also see myself running on a collegiate team.”

Janda reminisces about one of the most exceptional runners on her team in recent years.

 “I’m going to miss Will Ramsey on the team.  He is a great person and a great athlete. I’ve never coached an athlete quite like Will before. It will be sad when he graduates because there will be a void where he was,” Janda said. 

Whatever the future holds, Ramsey will always be grateful for the personal growth and development being on the cross country team has given him. 

“I think the main thing cross country has done for me as a person is give me structure and motivation to excel in other aspects of my life. The mental toughness skills I get from cross country work really well in real life,” Ramsey said.