Sisterhood in Sports

Sisters Eunice and Lucy Cho on their relationship through tennis

Adithi Deeduvanu, Staff Writer

Most athletes have been playing their sport for as long as they can remember. For sisters Eunice and Lucy Cho, tennis is no different. Both girls have been playing for over seven years.  Unlike many other athletes, Lucy and Eunice have always found companionship in tennis whether it be from their teammates, coaches, or from each other. The sisters are both on MN’s girl’s varsity tennis team, an accomplishment, considering that many girls tried out alongside them this year.

Both Eunice and Lucy were introduced to tennis by their dad but fell in love with tennis on their own. 

“I am continuously motivated to keep playing because I know what I am capable of and am looking forward to reaching that point,” Eunice said 

As a junior, this is Eunice’s second year on varsity. She plays number 1 doubles with senior Zoey Norris. Eunice is constantly working to improve, watching young players like Emma Raducanu as inspiration.

Additionally, Eunice trains a lot throughout the year. During the school year, she takes private lessons, and during the summer she attends clinics and tournaments. All of her hard work has paid off, and last year at Metro’s Eunice and Zoey were the #1 Doubles Runner-Ups. Eunice says that this was one of her proudest moments, along with contributing to her team. 

Her sister Lucy is a Freshman, and this is her first year on varsity. She plays number 1 singles. Tennis has taught Lucy many things, many of which are important life lessons. 

“My favorite thing about tennis is that it taught me how to be mentally stronger and confident in myself,” Lucy said.

Lucy is inspired by other determined young women like Naomi Osaka, because of her talent and perseverance. She is currently practicing for her first trip to Metros and State. 

She is making sure she is confident in her tennis skills, both physically and mentally. 

Both Lucy and Eunice are reflecting on how it feels to play tennis with one another. This is the first time they’ve been on the high school team together, and it will not be the last. 

“It feels very satisfying because we have been waiting for a long time to share this experience. It’s very fun to see my sister go through the same experiences I did my sophomore year” Eunice said. 

Lucy and Eunice are constantly pushing and supporting each other’s playing. 

“When we aren’t playing against each other, we are our biggest supporters. But, when we play against each other we don’t forget how to put our full effort into beating one another” Lucy said. 

Their supportive dynamic also helps the rest of their teammates.

“Off the court, they are the biggest cheerleaders for their teammates. Eunice and Lucy are always the first ones to yell and cheer when someone has a good point or wins. They bring great energy to our team,” varsity tennis coach Isabelle Wostoupal says. 

Wostoupal says her goals for the sisters are simple. 

“I want them to grow into the strongest and most confident tennis player and person they can be.”

As Eunice and Lucy practice for their path to State, they are strengthening their bonds with each other while also working to get better. Their experience of sisterhood in sports is one that not many people get to experience.