Shining Bright on the Diamond

Freshman earns coveted sport on varsity baseball


Molly Murch, Staff Writer

“You’re always one pitch away from it being your last pitch ever.”

Freshman Drake Donahoe lives by these words of wisdom. This advice has given him the motivation to succeed in baseball, a sport he’s loved ever since he picked up the ball.

“When I was little, my mom signed me up for a tee ball team and the rest is history,” Donahoe said.

As the first ever freshman to make Varsity during the spring season (there is also a summer season), Donahoe is already accomplished. However, baseball is a team sport and players value the relationships that come with it, as well as the success of the team, over individual triumph.

As much as Donahoe’s talent gives to the team, likewise, the team atmosphere offers him a unique experience.

“I love the competition. I love the strategy of the game and I love the brotherhood that comes with it,” Donahoe said.

Vital to MN’s wins is how teammates cooperate and what they each bring to the table. Donahoe contributes enormously, partly due to his wide array of skills.

“Drake’s versatile. He can play more than one position, which helps us out a lot,” Head Coach Dave Cork said.

Since childhood, Donahoe has found joy in hitting home runs, bonding with teammates, and sliding into bases. Hoping to extend this, he does not plan on abandoning his passion after graduation.

“It is a goal of mine to play college baseball and beyond that if the opportunity is there,” Donahoe said.

That’s still three years away though, and right now, his future at MN is on his mind. While Donahoe is new to the team, he has been training since he was young and his background will help him guide fellow teammates.

“Hopefully he’ll have a lot of success here and be a leader and teach the other guys as they come through,” Cork said.

Fellow teammate, Junior Matt Goetzmann, recognizes Donahoe’s talent and his ability to influence his peers as well.

“He’s the best freshman ever at MN, and it sets a standard,” Goetzmann said.

Success is a blend of perseverance, commitment and the drive to do well. As someone with experience in all three, Donahoe advises: “Don’t take things for granted, always play the game like it’s your last, and remember to have fun.”