Serving Something New

Exploring the changes to the Boy’s Tennis Team


Adithi Deeduvanu, Staff Writer

The sway of a racquet, the squeak of tennis shoes, and the thudding pop of the ball: all sounds that are familiar to the boys’ tennis team. However, this year brings some changes for the team that seems less conventional. The demolition of their old courts, two new coaches, and plenty of new faces to the varsity and JV teams.

The old tennis courts were up for many years and were in major need of a makeover. So, when they were redone this year the team was thrilled. 

Nobody knows better about the courts than the players. Junior Arjun Anugole has been on the varsity team for three years and says the new courts have made a major difference.

 “On the previous courts, there were some cracks and the paint was starting to dull down. With the new courts, the color was brighter and it was just a little more bouncy. Also, the new fences help stop balls better and have a nicer color. I definitely think it was something that’s going to help us this season and it helps us take a little more pride in our school and our team,” Anugole said. 

But the courts aren’t the only change of the year, both the varsity and JV teams have new coaches. The new varsity coach, Scott Orlando is not new to the game of tennis. With over 35 years of coaching experience, 10 years at the High School Level and 2 years at the Division 1 Level, he knows exactly what his plans are for the team. 

 “The goals for my first year at Millard North are simple. We want to compete at the highest level, and I want to get to know my players. I want to know what their strengths are, and where improvements need to be made,” Orlando said. 

He is confident that his experience can help the team. His work with the younger players is especially crucial as they are just starting to compete at a higher level. But he knows that tennis is always a work in progress. 

 “Even with the amount of talent on this team, there’s always room for improvement, and that includes me.  Currently, we are always working on the serve and return of serve, the two most important shots in tennis.  Finding the right doubles combination has also been a work in progress,” Orlando says. 

His players also seem to be excited about Orlando’s work.

“He is extremely nice; he tries to be as inclusive as possible to his players. He has helped coach many State Champions, and he seems passionate about coaching us,” freshman Anurag Ganti says.

Each year, new faces fill the tennis team. However, with seven seniors graduating from the varsity tennis team last year, this year’s team dynamic is different.

“Our team is definitely a little younger and more inexperienced this year compared to the past, but I still believe that we are a strong team that can compete at the top. I think from my perspective, the team dynamic is going to be a little different just because I have a little more responsibility, but I hope that the younger people on the team have the same experiences I’ve had in the past,” Anugole says. 

Regardless of the transformations to the tennis team, the players are competing at the highest level and working hard. Watching their practices, the team’s chemistry and energy are palpable on and off the court. As metros and State approach, the team seems to continue getting stronger. This helps them bond whether they win or lose. 

After already winning two duals this year, it seems like the changes have made them stronger. Overall, the team seems to be off to a good start even with the serving of the courts, coach, and players.