Last Run

Softball seniors’ last year and their lasting impact on the team


Amina Hussain, Staff Writer

Last game, last run, last chance for State. The six softball seniors prepare for their last season at MN. 

“I just have a really good feeling about it, like we are finally going to be State Champs,” senior Katherine Johnson said.

Johnson knows this is their last chance to become State Champions, which puts undeniable pressure on the girls to perform. 

“We have a lot of weight on our shoulders. We are one of the bigger classes, and all of us start, so I just expect myself to be more of a leader, not just executing myself the best I can, but being the best leader I can be,” senior Maddie McGee said.

McGee expects a lot from herself as a senior. She considers herself a person that the team can look up to, not just by the way she plays, but by how she reacts to her surroundings. 

 “[In]Lincoln East game we got down two runs early in the first inning, and (Coach) Travis yelled at us, straight up yelled at us, so I brought everyone together and I was like, ‘Hey, it’s okay, that stuff happens, and it’s going to happen’,” McGee said.

McGee’s positivity was the catalyst the team needed to advance and end with another win. McGee’s leadership isn’t the only thing younger players are going to miss. Johnson takes on being a leader by being vocal and keeping the group together. 

 “Everyone was nervous, MN hadn’t been to State in a long time. Before the game, Katherine had a meeting with all of us in the outfield. She explained to us how we deserve to be here. We had worked as hard, if not harder, than every other team.  Katherine inspired us and motivated us” junior Lenka Dwight said.

Dominance on the field is just one of the things that softball girls cherish. The team considers themselves more of a family with chemistry that is unmatched. 

“We play for each other, we help each other out in school to be able to succeed on the field,” senior Desaree Cuevas said.

The way Cuevas plays for her team is by being the source of energy for the girls; energy is effective whether winning or losing. 

“Desi has one of the most positive attitudes on the team. No matter what happens, she will find a positive way to look at it.  I am inspired by Desi to look at everything with a positive mindset. Whether that’s with softball or anything I do in life,” Dwight said.  

Cuevas, Johnson, McGee, and the other seniors lead as examples, future players can look up to them. Dwight is sad to see her role models leave but knows that she must learn all she can, to fill in the gaps left by them. 

“This will be only our third year playing with them, but these are people that we’ve known in elementary and middle school, seeing them leave is like turning over a new leaf, it’s sad we’re going to have to be the leaders next year,” Dwight said.

The rest of the team will miss the seniors and the guidance they have showcased, and will forever feel their lasting impact.