Girl’s Golfing Galas

Girls golf connects through clever team dinners

Wrayna Howell, Staff Writer

Girl’s golf isn’t just about making holes in one, they’re also about going all out for Sunday night themed dinners. They are all for team bonding exercises. The favorite of the team and most popular on the internet are the themed dinners. “Team dinners were started by the girls golfers in the early-mid 2000s. The girls that have been on the team usually organize the events,” head girls golf coach Eric Welte said. Welte loves the close relationship that the girls golf team has. “This year Rachel Brader took the lead. I love that they get together every week off of the golf course to have some fun and get to know each other better,” Welte said. The dynamic of the team is very close-knit due mostly to the fact that they have such helpful team bonding exercises both on and off of the course. “Well we’re all tightly bonded because of the dinners and we also talk outside of practice, always have dinners every Sunday during the season. And especially on the groupchat, we are always communicating,” senior girls golfer Sydney Irlbeck said. The decision process of choosing the theme is spontaneous, but the girls have a great time nonetheless. “The host of the week decides what the theme will be. We just try to figure out something funny that is going on when the dinner happens,” Irlbeck said. There are a wide variety of themes. The dinner themes have consisted of Suburban Dad, The Olympics, Superhero, Duck Dynasty, Frat, and Kardashian. Freshman Jazmine Taylor is the most creative as far as themed costumes go. “Me, I just try to think of something that is funny and will get a lot of laughs,” Taylor said. With a month left of the season, the girls are pumped for the themes to come, especially Suburban Dad. “Golf dinners create the life in the team. It brings out the creativity in everyone. You never know what to expect when you show up to a dinner. I look forward to the suburban dad dinner again this season. I want to be the ultimate dad,” Irlbeck said.