Creighton Commit

Senior looks forward to playing basketball in college

Amina Hussain, Staff Writer

Blue and white jerseys fly across the court, the ball curves through the air and bounce into Green’s hand. With one step he is in the air scoring another point for Millard North. 

“He’s such a great player and everyone knows it,” varsity basketball player David Harmon said.

Senior and varsity basketball player Jasen Green is the first Millard North student to start every varsity game freshman through senior year. Green assisted Millard North to win a State Championship and two Metro Tournament championships. 

After graduating as the 2nd best high school player in Nebraska currently, Green will depart to play D1 basketball for Creighton

“I’m looking forward to being able to play at the high level because one of my goals as a kid was to play at a D1 college, and I am finally getting to do that,” Green said.

With his goal set, the only thing left was to choose a school that fit him best. On September 16, 2021, Green announced his decision to the MN and Omaha community. 

“I chose Creighton first because of the coaching. Just Coach Mac and his playstyle really fits how I like to play,” Green said. 

Coaching and building a relationship with coaches was and has been an essential factor in Green’s decision-making process, he decided to visit Creighton after getting to know Creighton Coach Greg McDermott (Coach Mac). Soon he realized Creighton’s style of running up and down the court quickly was compatible with his playing style. 

“Secondly, I chose Creighton because of its proximity to my house, the people I grew up with, my trainer, and parents,” Green said. 

Knowing the importance of community and family Green wanted to stay close by. After familiarizing himself with both the campus and team, Green began to take things into consideration, finally choosing Creighton as the place for him to continue growing as a basketball player.

I am very excited to see Jasen commit to Creighton. Jasen is a great student and will fit in well with Creighton’s strong academic sector. His style of play is well suited for Creighton’s strong basketball tradition,” varsity coach Tim Cannon said. 

Both Green and Cannon are expecting Creighton to develop Green to become the best player he can be and eventually guide him to play on a professional team. 

“Jasen is someone who really doesn’t care about himself and he truly wants what’s best for the team. It’s amazing to play with him.” Harmon said. 

Harmon, himself who has played basketball for many years, appreciates Green’s skills and teamwork. Making him a great addition to any team.

The main thing I am going to miss is probably walking past all the teachers and students before the games and hearing them say good luck and they are gonna be at the game. The atmosphere that school has in terms of the support that everyone gives is amazing,” Green said.

Jasen’s High School career isn’t over yet. He still has many more games, the most important being State. The Millard North varsity team is looking forward to another State title.