An all inclusive Valentine’s day

Why cupid can do more than shoot arrows of romance

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The fragrant, sweet scent of rose petals and chocolate wafts around you as the door opens. You are greeted by dainty, pink and red, crepe paper hearts hung from the ceilings. Your favorite restaurant, fully decked out for Valentine’s Day.

Admiring the cupid candles precariously stacked on the counters, you see it: a cozy nook, right next to the warm hearth. A sizable mahogany table with two chairs, one for you and one for your gorgeous date, a box of chocolates, a suitable substitution for the rest of  February the 14th.

In some people’s minds, there are generally two groups of people on Valentine’s Day. The 14th is renowned as the holiday of romance and love, traditionally among couples. The ongoing stereotype is that your significant other and you should exchange thoughtful gifts, perhaps go on a romantic date, and end the day with a kiss.

And for those of us who don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, we find other ways to occupy our time. Being ridiculous with our friends, eating chocolates while watching Crazy, Stupid Love 27.4 times, and ending the day kissing your fluffy dog.

For too long, the individuals who more closely fit with the latter have struggled to find a place among the festivities of Valentine’s Day. Which brings us to an important question: What is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day?

An article from Britannica explains it as a holiday where individuals express their affection with greetings and gifts, not specifying that these traditions apply to a specific group of people. Let’s allow ourselves to express our love and kindness for anyone on February the 14th.

Tell your parents you love and appreciate them, give chocolates and sing Disney love songs to your friends. You don’t need to be in a serious romantic relationship to show you care about someone.

You don’t even need to give someone a bouquet of roses or a big polyester teddy bear either, just simply tell them you care. Because we can always use some more love in the world.


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