Keeping spirit alive

Sports provide sense of normalcy for students

Sarah Shelton, Staff Writer

While the global pandemic has perhaps permanently altered our lives, the debate surrounding the continuation of sports continues.

Being put in the middle of the

pandemic, the student body needs more now than ever a normalcy with school, sports give them an outlet.

There is much to worry about in the world, however, teens need to have an outlet to express themselves and feel like they are getting a full high school experience.

“It felt like a sliver of normal to be back in a stadium under the lights watching a football game,” Marc Hoyer said.

The Metro Conference announced on Sept. 14 that seniors would be able attend sports games allowing for not only players but seniors to feel semi-normal. A maximum of 100 seniors from the visiting team will be allowed to attend each game.

“High school football is so important for bringing communities together, without it we are missing out on opportunities,” football player Davis Hill said.

Moreover, the comfort it brings students to be able to cheer on the football team at games or hangout safely with friends again is so important for growth and comfort for everyone today.

“It was just like this wave of excitement because it was a comeback win and the touchdown was called at the last second. It was just super loud and fun to be a part of,” Hoyer said after attending the game on Sept. 17.

While the pandemic rages on, it is now more than ever important to be a community and stand strong together and sports can help with that.

However, when the Metro Conference allowed the school to bring sports into the picture, they made sure to have proper precautions in place to make sure everyone was being smart and safe while playing.

“It feels weird, we have to sanitize everything all the time including the balls while we are playing. We are also wearing masks but it throws off our peripheral vision,” volleyball player Anne Shubert said.

When they put these precautions in place, they are making sure they are putting student’s safety first. They have also put precautions in place by coaches with mak- ing sure they are wearing masks or staying six feet apart from others. Football players are making sure they are keeping their distance while on the sidelines to insure the safety of others.

The students that are playing sports during this time also have safety in mind.

“I wouldn’t care as much if we weren’t playing sports with all the precautions in place,” Shubert said. When competing, players receive scholarships and

opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without playing this year. This not only affects student life but also secondary education for years to come.

Additionally, now that we are back 100 percent in school it only makes sense to be able to have sports and activities to commence. Though there are risks with the precautions and safety in mind there is a way to feel normal in this different time.

“Everyone has been great about following the guidelines so that we can have the best chance to con- tinue to have activities and athletic events,” Activities Director Chad Zimmerman said.

Overall, having this opportunity to be back 100 percent and having activities, incentivizes the students to be smarter and safer with everything they chose to do in and out of school. Students continue to act the way they are and the school makes it more accessible for many to have a normal day at school which is the hope for all at this time.