The Mess We’ve Made

Camryn Mottl, Feature Editor

Trash thrown everywhere—from crumbs of leftover Cheetos to uneaten apples, along with chairs and trays that are left unattended and strewn about. This is what custodians and teachers on duty have to deal with in the cafeteria everyday after lunch. Students at MN need to be more accountable for cleaning up their food, chairs, and trays.

For the 2016 school year, MN has introduced the new program of Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) to encourage students be respectful, responsible, and ready. It is meant to motivate students to take positive actions, and if seen by faculty, to be reward for their good works. So far, it has been a gradual victory everywhere, except for where we eat.

Unfortunately, the amount of trash has not decreased since the program was enacted, regardless of whether teachers prompt students to clear away their waste or not. It shows the school’s lack of respect for the people and the surrounding facility.

Furthermore, when teachers do remind students to pick up their leftovers, there are those who cuss them out or give them a look of disdain, as though it is difficult to complete this simple task.

Not only is this disrespectful to teachers as authority figures, but it is irresponsible of students for not keeping themselves accountable for something that takes less than a minute to do.

Being ready also means being more aware of those who do not pull their fair share and being fully willing to do what needs to be done. Whether it is picking up someone else’s trash that has been left behind, or giving another student a simple reminder, these are the actions that need to be taken. We need to be willing to clean up our own garbage as well as the trash that surrounds us.

As the school year progresses, the lunch room needs to become cleaner with each lunchtime. It needs to be a place where there are no wrappers or leftover food on the floor, partially-eaten or not. A clean lunchroom where, along each wall, there are neatly stacked chairs waiting for the next time they will be used. Custodians and teachers on lunch duty deserve to be proud of MN students who take the time to be respectful, responsible, and ready.