Re-Finding Meaning

Christina Youn, Co-Editor-In-Chief

With Thanksgiving already having passed and the ubiquitous presence of Christmas carols, it is evident that the holiday season is quickly approaching. The need to buy all of those gifts for various Secret Santas is becoming a bigger necessity with each passing day and addressing all of those Christmas cards is an incredibly pressing matter. However, it is in this time of such hustle and activity that it is more important than ever before that we do not forget the meaning of the holidays. We must remember the true message of the holiday spirit.

The holidays is a time associated with mistletoe and hot chocolate and ugly sweaters. It is the time of year when younger children take pictures on Santa’s lap and wake up at the crack of dawn to rip open the presents under the tree. Wish lists are created extremely early on and social media posts sharing the presents received go viral on Christmas day. However, is this what the holidays are truly about?

Our society has become overly focused on the materialistic aspect of this holiday to the point where we have started to forget the true reason for this celebration. We are continuously focusing on the sales at the stores and the need to put up the best outdoor decorations. Rather than being excited about all of the materialistic aspects of the holidays, we must be looking forward to the opportunities to connect with family, friends, and other loved ones.

Now, I’m not try to say that gift-giving is not okay. I’m not saying that we aren’t allowed to be excited for the gifts to come either. No, we should be looking forward to the morning when gifts are opened. However, I am saying that we should be less focused on the materialistic aspect of the holiday season. After all, this time of year about the person that the present is bought for and the person behind the gift.

The holidays should be a break from the regular business of our daily lives. It is a time to spend time with those who are closest to us. However, by thinking so highly of the glamorous gifts associated with this time of year, we are taking value away from this holiday. We need to return value to the holidays by re-finding the meaning of caring and giving.