Four Short Years

Christina Youn, Co Editor In Chief

I came to MN thinking that I would be a cross country runner. I thought I didn’t have strong opinions, yet firmly believed that Nike shorts were the coolest thing ever. Looking back, I realize that quite a few things have changed. Although Nike shorts are still arguably the coolest thing ever, editorials are now my favorite articles to write, and I’ve found my home on the tennis courts. After reflecting on the past four years for this last column, I realize that my perception of myself has changed quite extensively.
Like most freshmen, I came to MN not knowing anything. I thought scholarships didn’t have to be applied for, thought forensics was the science, and had no idea what the mezzanine was until junior year. However, despite not knowing so much, I am grateful that I knew one thing correctly—to throw myself at every opportunity that presents itself.
From the start, I tried to be involved in everything that sounded even remotely interesting. I joined numerous clubs and just wanted to experience everything that high school had to offer me. As you can imagine, this made me an incredibly busy student with no real weekend. However, it also made me realize what I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy, what I’m good at and what I need to work on.
One of the biggest moments during high school was probably the day after the Freshman Stampede when I walked into the journalism room as a freshman. I watched as the seniors wrote elaborate articles in mere minutes, was amazed by their ability to whip-up page designs, and was grateful for their warm welcome. It was honestly quite intimidating to be surrounded by a bunch of seniors, but I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t jumped at the opportunity.
Journalism has helped me on so many different levels. From the obvious benefits of improving my writing, to helping me get to know some of the most amazing people in the school, the late night writing sessions and the stress of procrastinating were all worth it in the end. Through this activity, I have gained a sense of responsibility. It has helped me to realize my voice in the community and has given me the opportunity to work alongside the best newspaper staff in Nebraska. Taking this shot was one of the best decisions that I made in high school.
Being skeptical about an opportunity that presents itself is normal. However, you can’t know what you’re missing out on until you give it a shot.The past four years have gone by extremely quickly, and I can’t believe that the end is here. I once thought I’d be the first person out the parking lot on the last day of senior year, but today, I know I won’t be. I’ll be the person nostalgically flipping through the yearbook, thinking about all of the different things learned from all various opportunities that I’ve had.
I now realize that I am not afraid to state my opinion while standing in a suit. I’m an introverted extrovert and can rock a perm. However, I wouldn’t know any of these things if I hadn’t taken advantage of the opportunities around me. So I challenge everyone; make the most of high school by throwing yourself at every opportunity. After all, your four years of high school go by extremely quickly.