One Act puts on an original production

McKenzie Nelson, Features Editor

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With only the foundation of being dystopian, socially relevant, and having mirrors incorporated to go off of , Writer Ryan Syrek began writing his first ever One Act play this summer just for MN. After three or four drafts were sent between the writer and One Act directors Matt Eledge and Kacie Hughes, the outline of the One Act, How the Light Gets In, was created.

“My favorite part is how unique and human the experience of expression and creation is. I don’t know how to describe it besides magical,” Eledge said.

The art of creation was not something that only the directors did. Creating the One Act has been a collaborative process with all those involved in the production. Senior Ryan Furlong was included in this development as well. He plays the character of Guthrie, someone who wants to learn how to be good, in the One Act.

“It’s more like a conversation rather than the directors saying ‘Go here! Do this!’” Furlong said.“Everyone just kind of feels like we’re even, trying to build this same piece of art together.”

Every year with each production, the cast and crew become a tight knit group and a second family to all those who are involved.

“Backstage, the connections that we build with this family of people, even though we are putting on just a half hour show, the fact we can all come together, work hard, and deliver a message that we think, is special,” Furlong said.

The overall goal of the One Act has changed. Last year, there was more of a focus on the competitive aspect of the play, but now Eledge has shifted to a new goal that will be more beneficial to those in the production.

“My goal this year is certainly to set the kids up for competitive success, but more importantly to create something that we can be really proud of,” Eledge said.

Following the success of last year’s One Act, this year’s production was able to win their first two competitions of the season. At their first competition they were up against York, which has been the State Champion three times out of the last four years. They will be competing against MN at Districts later this year.

“It shows that we’re doing something right. People are gravitating toward this thing that we have created,”  Eledge said. .

It was almost a sigh of relief to win the first competition, but the work is far from done for those in the One Act. With Districts and State coming up, the One Act is putting their all into adding more elements to create an experience that will leave an impact.

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