Socks to sell and make all well

MYP and FCCLA team up and sell socks to get prosthetic limbs


Michelle Keiser, Staff Writer

One sock, two sock, red sock, blue sock. With the weather slowly shifting from comfortable to “hide in a mountain of blankets”, warm socks sound like a good investment to fight the toe-biting temperatures.

Soctober is an annual project for FCCLA, and this year students the  IB Middle Years Program (MYP) wanted to be part of it.

“We thought it would be neat if we did a sock activity here, and so we wanted to work together to do one large sock fundraiser,” MYP coordinator Amber Ripa said.

This idea surfaced over the summer when Ripa and Assistant Principals Susan Marlatt, and Mary Bayne attended a meeting for the International Baccalaureate program that featured a keynote speaker from the We Help Two organization.

We Help Two donates a pair of socks to the Lydia House with every sock purchased. After 80 socks have been purchased, they donate a prosthetic limb to someone who needs it.

During lunch and home volleyball games, MYP and FCCLA students have been working together to get these socks sold.

“I wanted to be a part of the project, because it keeps me involved in school while also letting me work with my friends towards a good cause. I  was free during lunch time, so I could earn volunteer hours without doing it after school,” sophomore Ishani Adidam said. “Soctober also helps two causes, so it was nice to give warm socks to the Lydia House, while also helping amputees around the world.”

The socks were sold for $12 and students selling were stunned by the number of people who bought such pricey socks. They sold 57 socks in total.

“We definetly sold more socks than I was anticipating. That warms my heart because even with the hefty price, it shows how far people will go to help people in need. No matter the number, everyone was willing to help, which was fantastic,” freshman Usman Syed said.

By teaming up with another school, FCCLA and MYP were able to raise enough money to obtain a prosthetic limb for charity.

These sock sellers have showed that fall isn’t only about collecting delicious treats at strangers houses and gorging yourself on an assortment pumpkin flavored foods, it can also be a time to make a difference.