Show Choir Shoots For The Stars

MN show choir hosts the first competition in history of school

Eden Loveridge, Staff Writer

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On Saturday, March 13, the sounds of show choir voices drifted across the school. Warm up songs, practice numbers, and the chatter of excited competitors all mingled together, creating an atmosphere of excitement and musical togetherness. It was the morning of the first show choir competition that MN has ever hosted: Galaxy of the Stars.

Eighteen different teams attended, making it so that over 1,000 students performed onstage throughout the day. Over 4,000 spectators came to watch the different performances, filling the auditorium to the brim.

On top of that, several middle school teams were also invited to come and practice and perform earlier in the day.

“I absolutely believe that middle school show choir is a huge stepping stone to get into high school show choir. They walk in having a firm grasp of the expectations,” MN choir director Megan Tantillo said.

Not only do the middle schoolers get a chance to perform at this competition, they also get to watch the high school groups perform and experience the atmosphere of a competitive, real-life high school competition.

A lot of planning was put into this competition, eight months of planning to be exact. The over 100 parent volunteers and the whole choir program were put into eight different groups to help run the competition. These groups included: concessions, volunteers, parking, check-In, hospitality, back-stage, security, and homerooms.

People came the night before to help from 3-10 pm.

“Our group of parents and staff that helped plan it did a really good job. It took a lot of work but it was very successful,” senior and four-year member of show choir Parker Christensen said.

Homerooms were a very big part of the way the competition was run. A specific room was set aside for each of the 19 teams. That was their “homeroom” for the day where they did their warmups and relaxed between performances.

A few show choir members were assigned to each homeroom as room hosts. Basically, they were tour guides for the day.

“A room host is the person that decorates their homeroom, makes sure they are good all day, takes them to the warm up room and the performance venue,” senior Evan Wohlers said.

When hosting so many people in one space, it was very important to keep organized and to have all hands on deck. Dividing and conquering was the game plan. Students were in charge of decorating and leading the homerooms, and the 100 parent volunteers worked together to ready the auditorium and decorate different table stations.

In the end, team work helped MN show choir to successfully run the competition, a success for MN’s first show choir tournament.

“We are very grateful for a supportive administration team that allowed us to take on this competition. It ended up being a very successful event that we will continue for years to come,” Tantillo said. “And we already have nine groups signed up for the upcoming 2018 year.”

The show choir took on a new task in hosting their first competition. With the help of parents and all the show choir members, March 13th turned out to be a successful, song-filled competition day. MN show choir holds a lot of excitement for the future Galaxy of the Stars competitions.

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Show Choir Shoots For The Stars