Seven: the magic number

Quarterback Cade Elwood ties State touchdown record


Lahari Ramini, Staff Writer

Records are treated as sacred on football grounds. Even coming close to one is truly a spectacular feat. MN quarterback, Cade Elwood, managed to tie the record for the most touchdowns in a game for a Class A school.

On Sept. 8 during the Papillion-LaVista game, MN had an impressive rushing game with 611 yards. This allowed Elwood to score touchdowns, racking up a total of seven by the end of the game, and tying  the 2016 Nebraska state record for most touchdowns in a game held by Jaylin Bradley from Bellevue West.

“During the game, the offensive line got me holes, and I started making the touchdowns, but I actually didn’t know until after the game,” Elwood said. “When I found out, it was pretty incredible. I knew that I made a lot of touchdowns, but I didn’t expect it to make the record.”

Elwood was a quarterback last year as well. Being in this position of responsibility and leadership as a non-senior is demanding. Through patience, he eventually acquired the faith and trust of the rest of the team.

“My biggest challenge last year was getting to know the position and getting to know the team better. Whatever I did had a huge effect on the whole team,” Elwood said.

His summer consisted of working in the weight room with head coach Fred Petito almost daily. They spend all of off-season together preparing for the next season.

“He has to be perfect, know what he’s getting into,” Petito said. “He’s got to do what he’s got to do and move the ball.”

For Elwood, being the quarterback can be difficult. Every time something goes wrong, Elwood must accept responsibility for it.

“If you screw up, it’s all on you. You have to be able to take that,” Elwood said. “In the end, getting to be the leader and being in command is really the best part. It ends up being a risk-reward situation.”

Elwood also explained that it was the defensive side that has been there to take his “screw ups” the most. They’re the ones that put the pressure on Elwood to score. They hold the other team back. Senior Noah Mick is part of Elwood’s defensive line.

“We definitely push him hard,” Mick said. “He pushes us too, and it works out.”

Elwood has been playing football since third grade, and it doesn’t look like

 he’s going to stop playing anytime soon.

“My dad loved football and I started loving to play it and I’ve never dropped the love since,”  Elwood said.

Even though, Elwood hasn’t made any

commitments yet, playing football in college is definitely  a possibility.

“I’d like to play football in college. It’d be great doing that. I love football,” Elwood said. “and tying with this record, made me love it more.”