Remodeling Reactions

Positive feedback comes from new upgrade


Tyler Collins, Opinions Editor

Although MN has had many reasons for pride, from our athletic state champions to our overall ACT scores, a new era of awe has been issued in as the school received a facelift this summer.

MN was granted money for a multi-million dollar renovation that created many new additions to the building. Over the course of the past month, students and staff have had many things to say about the renovations, especially those who have been here through the whole process.

“I was shocked at how spacious the front entrance was and how modern it looked. Our school needed the upgrade because of our large student body,” junior Denae Jones said.

Jaws dropped as students experienced the new entry for the first time. Those accustomed to the classic brick feel of the school were surprised.

“When I first walked in the new entrance at orientation, I was amazed – what had previously been an ugly, construction filled part of the school has suddenly turned into a bright, colorful place for people to hang out again,” senior Alex Reilly said.

The seeming vastness of the space was an upgrade for many students and staff as they explored the area.

“I have been at MN through three renovations,” world language teacher Bill Cunningham said. “This one had the biggest wow factor because it is the first thing you experience in the building regardless of where you are going.”

The most prominent feature though, is the new walkway which connects the two second-floor levels of MN. Its purpose was to help students get to class more efficiently, with less congestion in the hallways.

“There’s a saying somewhere out there that ‘If you look good, you feel good!’ The new entryway and commons promotes that philosophy,” social studies teacher Keith Neth said. “While I think there is a great deal of school pride with our staff and students, the new area accentuates that positive vibe.”

Even the administration team was very pleased with how the school turned out.

“The admin team really enjoyed the design process with the architects from BCDM [Beringer Ciaccio Dennell Mabrey],” Assistant Principal Casey Lundgren said. “They listened to our needs and they came back with a design that really reflected the admin team’s vision.”

The construction has given students a new sense of pride in the school, and even a new outlook on being a MN student.

“I think we needed the upgrade because before, our school was kind of just a generic high school architecture-wise,” Reilly said. “The new construction gives our building a way to be unique and to stand out from other schools, to give ourselves a more diverse personality.”