Rallying Together

Students gather to express that MN is no place for hate

Tyler Collins, Opinions Editor

Undoubtedly, this election has been drastically different than those in previous years, and it does not take being a political scientist to see that.

In the days following the election there have been many blunt, and often hateful, opinions thrown around from both sides of the aisle, both in person and on social media. Acts of contempt and malice have divided person from person. Yet, while controversy and hostility are in the air, MN students gathered before school on Nov. 14 in a rally for peace to promote solidarity and demonstrate that the school is no place for hate.

“We decided to hold a rally for those who feel disenfranchised given the current climate of the school and all the hate that’s been going around. We decided to instead focus on loving each other and showing support for each other,” senior Emma Clausen said.

As cars turned into the 144th entrance of MN, they drove by students holding signs. The signs displayed sayings like: “The world will live as one,” “Keep the peace,” “Open arms, open minds, open hearts,” “Divided we fall. United we stand,” and “Love is your most powerful muscle. Use it everyday.” These expressed messages the students wanted to convey to people, whether they be parents, students or passersby.

“After the current presidential election, there’s been a lot of fear and a lot of hate from all sides. It’s really important to show that even though there are times where people may feel afraid or unsafe, there’s still love and there’s still a strong force that is unifying our community,” senior Chase Stokes said.

As cars drove by, some honked in support and some people rolled down their windows to yell, however, regardless of the reactions given, the students held to their message of no hate.

“We are just here to show everyone that everyone is included. Everyone has a place in America,” senior Justice Jones said.
While there was no prior approval from the administration, assistant principal Casey Lundgren met with the students to set a few guidelines.

“I’m glad that our schools are engaged and passionate,” Lundgren said. “I’m glad that they’re exercising their rights, and they’re doing it within the school rules in a non-disruptive way.”

A small group of students with Trump posters also attended the rally. Both groups of students remained respectful throughout the morning and everyone’s right to gather was respected.

“We’re out here representing our president-elect because it’s our First Amendment right. I know it’s not protesting. It’s unity, and we’re just letting everyone know that electoral college is representative of democracy and the will of the people. We’re just out here celebrating,” senior Ethan Cromer said.

The rallying students came together responsibly, united around a common message. A message to share with all of those around them: MN and the United States are no places for hate.

“We are a country that was built upon diversity. We wouldn’t be who we are without the diverse population that we have, and we need to be accepting of all those people,” Jones said. “All those people matter. There’s a lot of pain that happened after this election but we want everyone to know that we are still together. Millard North is still unified and we’re still no place for hate. That’s what we are.”