Mustang take on landscaping

Administration introduces new grounds updates for coming years

Aiden Lewald, Staff Writer

Over the years, Millard North has prided themselves over their aesthetically pleasing campus. 

This effort to further beautify the forty-year-old campus continues  as Principal Brian Begley proposes a new, unique landscaping project .

“I liked the look of this [First National Bank Flower Bank] arrangement. Actually, I was inspired by an arrangement of marigolds on a bank I observed in South Bend, Indiana on the campus of the University of Notre Dame some 30 years ago,” Begley said. 

Begley introduced the largest piece of this project: a large, MN logo flower bank on the southwest corner of the campus, consisting of blue and/or white annuals. 

The reasoning behind this installment is not only for beautification purposes but to add a sense of branding to the campus. 

At the moment, there is no time estimate for this half of the project. Begley is still in the process of seeking approval from the district.  

Not only will there be the previously mentioned flower bank, there will also be a large installment of evergreen trees on the southside of the track.

With the assistance of science teacher, Walt Mertz, Millard North was able to push forward with the proposal of the tree planting. 

“That is what is really cool about this, these trees will be part of MN for decades,” Mertz said.

The benefit behind these trees is not only a more homey campus branded with this generation’s mark, but a more protected one. 

In previous years, due to the sale of the nearby Boys Town property, the school has lost more than 50 surrounding trees. 

This loss of trees had led to an increase of wind damage in the track and field area. With the replacement of these trees, the amount of damage will significantly decrease. 

To get the ball rolling, Mertz had done research on possible types of trees, especially searching for the best deals available. 

Amidst this researching process, Mertz discovered something he had not known previously. 

“Turns out there is quite a bit more to a project of this scope.  This is not quite as easy as planting a tree at your own home,” Mertz said. 

When planting trees in your backyard, you only have to call the Diggers Hotline for clearance, then you’re free to go.

When planting trees at Millard North, not only do you have to call the Diggers Hotline, you have to contact a landscape architect to create a draft plan, along with a bidding process, and a plan on how the trees will be taken care of for the first year. 

At the moment, the landscape architect hired for this project, has suggested a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees, as to prevent the chance for widespread disease.

 In relation to the plan to take care of these newly implemented trees, Begley has not only recruited activities director Chad Zimmerman, but Millard North students.

Begley is hoping that in the near future, students will form a Campus Beautification Club to help support the maintenance of these projects.

For now, this project will be on hold until further notice. That does not mean Millard North and it’s residents cannot look forward to a more beautiful future.