(MN) Girls Run the State

MN wins Class A NSAA Girls Cup

Emma Bayless, Staff Writer

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We all know that girls run the world, but what you may not have known is that Millard North girls run the entire state of Nebraska. MN girls had so much success last year that  MN won the Nebraska School Activities Association Girls Cup award for scoring the most points in State Championships.

“I think it’s a tremendous accomplishment for our programs, for our kids involved in those, and our coaches and sponsors” Assistant Principal Chad Zimmerman said.

Winning this award gives everyone that worked so hard to receive it the recognition that they deserve. The activities and sports involved in winning the award were Forensics, Journalism, One-act plays, and all girls sports.

“So it’s not like we’re really good at one sport or one activity, it means that we’re really competitive in everything that NSAA offers,” Zimmerman said.

NSAA awards points from first place up to eighth place at State Championships. Those points are all added together and the school with the highest amount of points wins the cup.

“It was really honorable. I’m glad that we won it, and it was cool to find out all of the teams and every part that brought into winning that award,” senior Megan Hanson said.

Hanson played with the State winning volleyball team last year.

“With volleyball, we haven’t won since 1987, and we came into the year with everyone thinking that we wouldn’t win,” Hanson said. “Just to know that we won that state championship is very surreal.”

Junior Vaishnavi Menon felt the same excitement that Hanson and plenty of  other MN girls felt after winning the Class A State Championship title.

“In forensics and band we talked about how one team doesn’t have to keep winning State every single year. It’s possible for someone else to claim that title,” Menon said

Menon won a State Championship title  in forensics as well as band.

“It didn’t set in until a couple of weeks later. But it was the feeling that we made history that was really great,” Menon said

Senior Brooke Wilczewski was particularly excited to be a part of the group of girls that helped win this award for MN. She was proud that the girls at MN were finally getting the respect that she feels they always should have.

“I feel like sometimes there’s a stigma around the guys getting a lot of the representation and a lot of the praise for doing well in sports and academics. Unless it’s co-ed, the females kind of get forgotten,” Wilczewski said.

Before winning this award, Wilczewski and other girls at MN felt that they didn’t get as much respect and recognition for being successful in their sport or activity.

“It’s nice to finally get recognition for doing our part for our school as well as being successful in the activities that we love,” Wilczewski said.

Like Menon, there are many other students and teachers that are absolutely confident that MN will be able to win the Cup again this year.

“There are a lot of very strong willed women in the forensics team and there’s no problem with us being able to win it next year,” Menon said

Some sports and activities this year have already started their competitive season, and so far are showing a lot of success.

“We feel like we should win the boys or girls cup almost every year and we’re pretty proud of that,” Zimmerman said.

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(MN) Girls Run the State